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Woah. Teh livejournal.


These people all must be getting to me, for I have started to use Livejournal. O.o
I mean, I know lj's supposed to be better than Bravenet and all, but...Bravenet's got good features, I think. More box things (mood, music, etc), customizable link lists aka linkage, funky floating box layouts, features that with lj you'd only get by forking over the dough, etc. Okay. Bravenet's got security issues. I'm not arguing with that. Heck, I've been hacked, spammed, whatever. By someone from school, no less ^^;;

I don't feel like updating two journals, anyway. Or taking all of my past entries and archiving them here. Hmmm, what to do...I don't know. I like the other journal better (ha, to...whoever tried to get me to come here, and...er, succeeded. XD)

On a side note...bored as hell. Summer sucks. Way too hot, even in Michigan. My muse won't kick in, and I've forbidden myself to write any more Replacing the Void anyway. Mainly because I haven't figured out the ending yet. Nope, not even after...er, 2 months. Eh heh ^^;;

This might be the only lj post I ever make. Bleh. (It's going in the Bravenet journal too.)

Since there aren't the additional window/box features...

Anime: Love Hina...ep 11 was freaky. Really.
Projects: Nothing. I'm bored. So sue me. ^^

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