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28 March 2013 @ 09:11 pm
[Psycho-Pass] [Kougami/Akane] quantum indeterminacy - 1/1  
Title: quantum indeterminacy
Fandom: Psycho-Pass
Rating: PG13
Length: ~7,316 words, oneshot
Character/Pairing: Kougami/Akane, Masaoka, Kagari, Ginoza
Prompts: Written for 31_days, March 28, 2013: I represent to you all the sins you have never had the courage to commit.
Warnings: Set probably right after the end of 13. Somewhere. AU.
Summary: The question is just who's saving whom, here.

Magical AU-verse of relatively happy rainbows which Urobutcher can't enter, okay? Also yeah Akane's still a bit of a pre-ep11 wide-eyed rookie...but you know, 11 and 13 were - anyway, characterization marches onward. It's messy. Cough handwave. Apologies etc.

"Quantum indeterminacy", to borrow from wikipedia, is the "apparently necessary incompleteness in the description of a physical system." To put it another way, there are no singular, determinate truths or values, and the very attempt at measuring a value affects the result of your measurement. And a bunch of other stuff. Just...quantum mechanics suck and I should have picked a better title, the end.

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