a regular decorated emergency. (darkenedsakura) wrote,
a regular decorated emergency.

holiday card

Drew this for the office. Now I have to be careful that they don't think I can do everything and am some kind of super person. Shit, didn't think this through.

Anyway, Happy Holidays etc etc.

Holidays 2012
by ~DarkenedSakura on deviantART

...Also, also, also also also. Also. Psycho-Pass ep 11. THAT WAS. Urobutcher doing what he does, I guess 'cause even if I saw it coming a mile away asldkgjlkdjgggggg

Also also also Virtue's Last Reward. If you played 999, you really should pick this one up, 'cause it's -better-. Also:

Me: I think I have a new OTP. Their names even go together.
Other friend watching Psycho-Pass: But I thought it was Kou/Akane? And their names go together better than those two?
Me: Sigma/Phi.
Friend: lol.
Me: Besides, I have to wait a whole week for more Psycho-Pass.

Sad story. Also, is anyone considering another blogging platform, because I'm already in the process of setting up a tumblr and considering other options. I wouldn't shutter this one necessarily, but it's just time to move the primary blog elsewhere.
Tags: escapism is how to live, stuff:art

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