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Finally got the writing/art/icon journal started

Last night, was watching TV and school closings came up. And my school was there.


So I slept in until 11:30...did some stuff, ate lunch, all that. I registered the journal yesterday - it's tobiranomukoue. Yes, named after the FMA song...thanks, yami. If you guys can, go friend it, watch it, whatever, and comment on/critique the stuff posted there. Yes, I will allow anonymous/non lj posting. I'm not friends locking it just yet...but if there are too many people to keep track of, or there is theft or something (of my stuff? Yeah right XD), I will lock it. In the meantime...I might make an icon post in there, and I did make that Rukia icon over there. I like it, but I think it's too blocky. Ah, I can only do so much with a 40kb limit. ;_; And I'll post the Bleach drabble later...maybe scraps of RtV. I watched it so I can keep track of it better...methinks I'm going to be bad with this, replying with the wrong accounts, and everything. Oh well.

Yesterday, I thought I had the piano lesson today cancelled. Turns out, not so. Teacher called, and even though I said we cancelled it and it was a snow day and all, she said that if we don't go to the lesson we're still gonna have to pay for this one. Well, fine. Mom's not exactly happy hearing that. So then she starts shouting, and I nearly raise my voice...which doesn't happen...and now the lesson's Sunday. Sigh. I swear, her children can't take care of anything. I leave a message and she doesn't get it, and I know it's gonna be on my head. Actually, mom did put it on my head, said something about how she can't believe that at my age I screwed up cancelling a lesson. And I know the piano teacher's gonna be all "you can't trust my kids to take these messages" yadda yadda. Sigh. Don't let Sunday come, please. I want to quit piano. This cycle is tiring, along with mom's yelling.

But thanks to the dudes out there that talked to me, put up with my ranting/complaining, and generally made me feel a lot better. You four know who you are. And...thanks. I think only 3...2 of you read this, so yeah. I find it sad that I can't talk to anyone around me though...

So. French essay. And TV. Oh, this was funny, from CSI:
detective: Drop the accent, won't you?
dude: I can't. I'm English.
Heh. But god I don't want to do that essay. I hope my partner did her share of it.

Anime: rereading Bleach and dling it
Project: some art things, methinks...

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