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[Project 365] Days 016-025 // oh what you do to me / no one knows

Colbert Report had an amazing The Word segment on Rand Paul. I died laughing and I really shouldn’t have laughed but really. Wow, what an…in response to a question about why tax cuts for the rich… "We're all interconnected. There are no rich, no middle class, no poor.... We all either work for rich people or sell stuff for rich people." Oh god. But at least I get to laugh. Thank you, Colbert, for brightening my day. Scarily so.

Had some more history/political babble but decided to post another day. Anyway. I’m just going to shut up about everything and…dump all the sketches that’d accumulated in the week before my computer went to hell and my life gave me a hell of a time. I still claim the two-week amnesty for project 365, I’m just saying. ._.

I’m also going to cheat a little. I don’t have the time to do a whole colored image in one day, so I will post WIPs and that’ll count for my day. Sh’up. Busy college student with emo in the head who can’t sublimate via art, what can you do. D:

The thing about fashion design pics is, the models they draw are always so over the top in terms of heroic proportions (8 heads, versus the typical range of 6-7 for women and 6.5-7.5 for men). So...those were ridiculous and turned out really badly.

Then, I believe I was 4 days behind and went, "oh, hell, I'm whipping out my easy go-to of Black Cat sketches." So yeah, four speed-sketches (018-021) of Eve, Rinslet, Train, and Sephiria. Eve and Rinslet took about 10-15 mins; Train was more stubborn at 15-20, and Sephiria...evidently I can't do side-view as well as I thought, 'cause things kept not turning out right and that took forever. So much for speed sketching.

Looked at a very awesome coloring tutorial on dA and decided to put it into motion and improve my very very shitty coloring skills. Drew a random picture that's heavily inspired by a pose I saw in the random sketches enclosed in the Pandora Hearts artbook, and then it...so far, is turning out more demonic than I thought? 022 - lineart, 023 - I spent a lot of time modifying the lineart as it wasn't decent enough to color, and made the head bigger etc, 024 - went with the spooky glow thing there, 025 - more of the same.

Hoping to add some yellows and greens without killing the whole thing, and in an attempt to further unify the reds and slight twinge of purple that's here and there. Ngh.

And man, she looks way more demonic than I intended her to be. Oops. 8D I think it's the hair and the red. Yeeeeah.

EDIT: oh my god this looks awful on my laptop screen, not my monitor. The purples and greens are suddenly blindingly, blindingly obvious. And hideous. Like they haven't blended and. ...I'll be changing all that.

There, I did me some project 365. Doing WIP images is so much easier than finishing one sketch a day, even if I spend more time on the WIP. ...er, whatever. ;;;;;
Tags: project 365, stuff:art, stuff:fanart

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