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[Project 365] Days 003-008 // don't save me, don't save me / 'cause I don't care

So I specifically looked up the name of the guy who'll be the new chief of staff 'cause I knew it would be on the current events quiz...and still couldn't answer the question right because I forgot his last name. Good job, self. You done good.

...There is no way I'm going to survive this quarter, whoo.

If you guys are interested in seeing me draw anything specific, request it. Series, character, specific piece of art, pose, whatever. ...if I'm interested in the series (I know what at least one of you would've said otherwise...) or the art, I will do it. Thinking of stuff to do 365 days in a row will just, y'know, kill me. :D Anyway, scanner and denoise killed this batch, but I'm way too tired to care, so here's to show I haven't forgotten about 365.

Okay, lot of stuff here that I'm posting all at once. Top left cyan (003) is something that got inspired by a pose in the rough sketches in the Pandora Hearts artbook. Bottom (004) was copied from a Fairy Tail image of Erza, except...I don't do Mashima's eye style, so you get someone who doesn't look like Erza at all. Right (005) is Shizuo from Durarara, pose copied from a fanart but face style adjusted to fit my own.

And this one. Top left (006) is Haine from DOGS, copied pose like whoa (see icon). Bottom cyan (007) is copied from a fanart on deviantART of Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid (which I know very little about, not one of my fandoms, haha). Right (008) is...something that I had a vision for but obviously didn't pan out. Plus I reached the edge of the page and went, "Well, I could still do something with her arm...somewhere..." and then it turned out awkward. Really awkward.

In short, I fail at doing original work that looks good. 8D

Off to sleep. I...think I fail at being a student. Homework, what's that? Oops. And it's actually 2:30 am, awesome.
Tags: project 365, stuff:art, stuff:fanart

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