a regular decorated emergency. (darkenedsakura) wrote,
a regular decorated emergency.

[Project 365] Day 002 // so don't apologize / I'm losing what I don't deserve

I may or may not be obsessed with this song. ...This is, what, the fourth one this month? ;;;;;;; I wonder whether my music repeat habits are driving my apartment-mates insane...

Got back from the night class and just...decided not to do hw. Which is going to slaughter me the rest of the week, but...okay, maybe I should just...go do some hw. Sigh. damnit journalism damnit

Also, American gay and lesbian history is interesting. In the 1800s two guys could do a lot of things (pose for wedding picture-esque photos, share a bed, other physicalities) that if we saw now we'd be all "oh, they're gay," when that was completely different back then. Yes, things change throughout history and I know I'm skipping a ton of details and negatives, but yes. Maybe we look for too much subtext sometimes nowadays. rabid slash fangirls I need to post project 365 images in batches so I can still do my locked posts without driving you all insane. :\

Spent more time on this than I meant to. And by that I mean I was going to draw while watching The Daily Show/The Colbert Report, but due to one of our group from the other apartment coming up to creep on me, that...didn't work out. ):

Also, semi-original pose. Meaning I didn't completely rip it from a manga panel. Completely. :O

And I shamelessly admit to having denoised this one somewhat. I just had that many eraser scribbles all over it, what can I say.

Tags: project 365, stuff:fanart

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