a regular decorated emergency. (darkenedsakura) wrote,
a regular decorated emergency.

[Project 365] Day 001 // and poured it out in an ocean of debris

Guys. Look. Watch.

Utter win. Crispin Freeman you are utter win. Accent problems with ‘Shizuo’, but…calling Izaya an Eskimo? And his awesome comments on Shizuo and how he obviously loves his char? “The world’s just not ready for a guy with a personality as big as that”? “What’s not to love about him”? “To me, he’s just a horribly misunderstood ordinary guy. You could run into him on the street…sure, he could rip your arm off, but that’s your fault for being so weak, right?” ???

So much win that I’m sorely tempted to use caps. Oh shit. May have to check this dub out. Plus his voice...doesn't sound bad. :O Coupled with Izaya's (Johnny Young Bosch's) "bitches and WHORES!", this'll...ahahahahahaha.

Anyway. The real point of the entry is this:

So, from what I've gathered, Project 365 is where you post one picture per day. For normal people and all, picture means photo you've taken, etc.

For freaks like me who like to make their lives harder, that'll mean posting one drawn piece of artwork per day instead. So. I aim for cleaner sketches, but there'll be days where I'll just post five-minute speed sketches and go "SO THERE ;____;" and stuff. Etc. Yeah.

But anyway. Really, why not start with Train? I've only drawn a zillion pics of him by now, after all. Yet he is still so awesome. Have some Chronos badass trenchcoat of doom.

...Now to see how long this lasts. Don't hold your breath, but we'll try. 8D I also can't say I'm above cheating, on the busy days. 8D 8D

EDIT: wow, Google Chrome is way better at resizing images than Firefox is. Plus Firefox keeps refusing to install Flash 10. *kicks Firefox*
Tags: durarara needs its own tag, project 365, stuff:fanart

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