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This post is not being lj-cutted for posterity. 8D (sorry guys ._.) Was talking to En and wanted to write fic, then went, oh wait, I have a lot of unfinished stuff...then decided to tally it all...


What I’m currently working on:
Black Cat: 1, Harvest Moon: 1, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: 1

The full list, however, is 40 oneshots/drabble series and 5 multiparts, which is 5 multiparts more than I thought there'd be. Entire list of utter…longness (I think bolds are what I'm still interested in and italics what I'm mixed on, strikeouts are utterly scrapped):
  • Black Cat: 2 (crackfic, what happens if Train…stops being asexual? the world will explode and dark Train past!fic)
  • Clannad: 1 (five nevers-type thing, re: girls who loved Tomoya)
  • D.Gray-man: 3 (one five nevers re: Linali and innocences she had, two Allen/Linali)
  • Dark Angel: 1 (obviously Logan/Max)
  • Darker than BLACK: 1 multipart (say what!?) + 2 (one three nevers re: women Hei never loved, one pre-series Hei/Amber)
  • Detective Conan: 1 multipart (fuck the what) + 1 (Haibara-centric, obviously)
  • DOGS: 1 (dark, fucked up Haine/Naoto)
  • Ever17: 1 (Takeshi/Tsugumi, post-series darkfic)
  • Fairy Tail: 2 (Gray/Lucy crack with heaps of Juvia-stalking, and a…very dark post-apocalyptic death AU re: “what if Fairy Tail was wiped out and Gray and Lucy were the only ones left?" But it's so dark that I don't ever want to post it...)
  • Fire Emblem 7: 1 (Kent/Lyn, totally scrapped)
  • Fire Emblem 9: 3 (a 20_wars for Mia, and a Zihark-centric preseries - hey look, no Ike/Elincia! Oh wait...and the third part of the trilogy.)
  • Firefly: 1 (…surprisingly, Book-centric; probably ‘cause we never got his story)
  • Gakuen Alice: 1 (terminated Natsume/Mikan shorts series for 30_romances)
  • Ghost Hunt: 1 multipart (…which I really need to write…)
  • Gundam SEED/DESTINY: 1 multipart (post series. …………er, we can safely say this is scrapped)
  • Harvest Moon: 1 multipart (Vaughn/Chelsea parody/deconstruction of the crap on ff.net, and I’m not giving up on this 8D)
  • Heroes: 1 (think it was all the leftover Peter/Niki scenes that didn’t make it into the first fic)
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: 1 (post series, Keiichi and Rika and the aftermath, Keiichi/Mion)
  • House, M.D.: 2 (which I think are both Chase/Cam…and I’m not looking)
  • Kaze no Stigma: 1 (obviously Kazuma/Ayano, bit of a deconstruction of the Belligerent Sexual Tension trope)
  • Law of Ueki: 1 (really old Sano/Rinko 1_sentence thing)
  • Liar Game: 1 (…only a summary line, hahahahaha. But, Akiyama-centric, pre-series.)
  • Loveless: 1 (Seimei and Ritsuka, and all the twisted thorns in between)
  • Ouran Koukou Host Club: 2 (1 Hikaru/Haruhi 1_sentence, 1 Hikaru/Haruhi and Kaoru/twins-centric piece)
  • Phoenix Wright/AJ/Ace Attorney: 2 (…oh fuck. 1 Klavier-centric, and…just about the trippiest thing I’ve ever written style-wise, I am not lying, and 1…Apollo/Trucy? .________.)
  • Supernatural: 3 (one five nevers re: deaths Dean’s never died, one gen, one Sam-centric)
  • Tales of Symphonia: 1 (scrapped Sheena-centric drabbles for a 100 challenge)
  • The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: 3 (1 ultradark fucked up Itsuki/Haruhi, 1 Itsuki-centric, 1 AU Kyon/Haruhi “what if Haruhi changed everything after all”)
  • Vampire Knight: 1 (Shiki/Rima that never got off the ground)
  • Veronica Mars: 1 (…only a summary line and I can’t even tell what I was planning on writing, haha)
  • Witch Hunter Robin: 1 multipart (…which is dead forever, damn it’s embarrassing. Utterly embarrassing.)
...haha, all the scrapped fics are...for TV series. 8D;;;;

Also, feel free to nag for anything that catches your eye (to be honest, I want to see what people are interested in and whether or not some of this stuff's too dark, plus I need some inspiration and motivation like whoa), but yeah. No promises. Whatsoever. holy fuck the what this list

And before I end up never posting this, as it's been in my scratchnotes doc for maybe a month - four moments that begin to sum up why I love Shizuo:

1. To a little girl who heard that Shizuo would kill her father from Izaya: “Don't worry, Izaya and I are friends. What he told you is a misunderstanding. In fact, I'M GOING TO GO SORT THIS MISUNDERSTANDING OUT RIGHT NOW.” :D (Quite honestly, my great dislike of Izaya only makes Shizuo more awesome in my eyes, I’m sure.) This basically relates to how Shizuo is a spanner in the works for Izaya, aka without even knowing fully what’s going on is perfectly capable of screwing over all his plans. (Granted, the irony of this quote…ah well.)

Oh, and this face he makes as the follow up to that line, because he was trying not to scare the kid and. It’s. Amazing.

2. That whole light novel scene with him and Verona. He’s all nice and aw because “I’ve never had a kouhai before” and “people are scared of me, so” and he’s just trying to be so nice and he’s just…an eager little puppy, ahaha…while Verona’s all “I’m going to get to know everything about him, so I can destroy him. That’s what I’m going to live for.” Shizuooo ): ):

3. The light novel version of the reporter’s interview with Shizuo. The way Shizuo talks so laconically, and how that all went down. Just. XD

Related note: “His brother is widely believed to be a fearsome personality. In fact, Hanejima himself was scouted to debut after saving the life of a talent scout from his brother, who apparently did not appreciate being talked to by that talent scout.”

4, which is the biggest one: "Why did I turn out like this? At least it wasn't my family. There was no childhood trauma I can think of. I never watched any violent anime or read violent manga. Didn't watch movies either. So that leaves only myself, doesn't it? It's gotta be me, right?" followed by, "I'll probably start destroying myself with my own hands."

Oh wait, "korosukorosukorosukorosukorosu" ("I'llkill'imI'llkill'imI'llkill'imI'llkill'im") should also make the list. Ahahaha oh Shizuo. Never lose your awesomeness. Ever.
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