a regular decorated emergency. (darkenedsakura) wrote,
a regular decorated emergency.

I'll make amends, but not today

Whoa guys, whoa. It's been almost exactly a year. *snorts* And I've been talking about it for weeks, so...

{150 icons}
[80] Durarara!! 1x01-1x08 (1-80)
[40] Castle 1x01, 2x01-2x03 (81-120)
[20] Black Cat (121-140)
[10] Gundam SEED/DESTINY (141-150)

( oh can't you hear this symphony )

Gah, Higurashi fic 31_days theme tomorrow that...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uh. Uh we'll see. Especially since today we're out until, say, 2-4am at a party! ...of epic Asian card gaming. What do you mean it's not awesome. I'm a competitive dork. ;;;;; Pretty much why I'm posting these today - I will be way too tired to get everything table'd later.

I also have a ton of series babble built up re: Angel Beats!, (more >_>) Durarara!!, Pandora Hearts, and the like, so...uh, don't look forward to that. Haha.
Tags: fandoms: durarara, fandoms:black cat, fandoms:castle, fandoms:gundam seed, stuff:icons

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