a regular decorated emergency. (darkenedsakura) wrote,
a regular decorated emergency.

Black Cat animanga lj comm?

Ahaha accidentally posting a premature version of my icon post. Ignore. -_-;;;

So. Does anyone on my flist know of a Black Cat animanga (emphasis on the manga part, haha) community? I've found a couple, but they're all semi-dead/very obscure/tiny, and...yeah. :\ I mean, I guess I could join them and post in them anyway, but hm.

And if not, anyone up for creating a Black Cat community with me? I'd completely be able to make and code a layout and do most of the modwork, but it'd be nice to run it with a few people or at least have a few members from the start. I guess it'd be better to wait re: making one until Yabuki Kentaro ever announces his sequel to garner attention for it, but, you know me, I like to jump the gun and all that.

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