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lalala not working. ...oops.

Man, it's not even procrastination any more. It's hell if I really give a shit, and grades and professors' opinions be damned. ...oops. And, yeah, still in denial about the laptop. At least my journalism professor's letting me skip attending the bureau for now, or else I'd be stuck.

So I didn't study enough for the midterm/thought imperialism would be on it because oh let's see, that was about half the stuff we learned from pre-1911 to 1937 China? And it wasn't. Additionally, questions biased towards people assigned essays for the past three weeks were. Well, anyway, I should have studied, but I spent half my night reading TV Tropes instead. Damn that meme that's going around.

I kinda shouldn't fail my midterm tomorrow because I sort of got all the questions in advance (granted, 16 IDs and 8 long essay prompts...the hell) and it'd sort of be embarrassing if I really fucked it up, buuuuuuut I've pulled off worse. In a worse fashion. 8D

So, meme. Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/TV shows and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

Picked more than 20, no surprise. Some of these aren’t even fandoms any more…I just had to include them because ahahahaha. There are a few TV ones. And I think Rae and SN know, say, almost all of them. 8D

1. An assassin becomes a Technical Pacifist, then spends half the series trying not to kill the Big Bad but just teach him a lesson. (Hint: man is the Big Bad a creeper. And...anime was a butchered mess that didn't resemble the manga at all, thankyouverymuch.)

2. A cheerful, 15-year-old boy tries to figure out how he became the main character in Alice in Wonderland. (Alternatively: A teenage boy who is secretly 25 tries to get his daddy's approval with his useless servant and a bunny girl. --> ahahahahahaha.)

3. One Piece with magic. And more drunks.

4. A pair of bitter war veterans, a prostitute, a mercenary with an ugly hat, a cute mechanic, a Hawaiian-shirt wearing pilot, a preacher with a Mysterious Past, a socially inept medical genius and the cutest little psychotic killing machine ever all get together on a ship. They Fight Do Crime! (Alternatively, a western...IN SPACE!) (…I guess this one’s a little blatantly obvious.)

5. A genetically modified albino, his one-eyed, red-headed cigarette-loving partner, a scarred woman with a katana and a retired assassin...try to figure out what the plot is about.

6. Love tetrahedron develops amidst various Twilight Zone-esque Negative Space Wedgies. Existence hangs on the outcome. Or: Protagonists have to keep Canon Sue entertained or she destroys the world. Again.

7. An entomologist, a former stripper, a gambling addict, and a group of nerds and geeks perform obscure activities in a lab to musical accompaniment. They Fight Crime. (Even though this is kinda out of date now... ): )

8. A delinquent meets the sickly daughter of Kamina and Belldandy, and they (re)start a club with his best friend and some other girls.

9. An obnoxious Brit and a quirky team accuse people of lying and are usually right.

10. In A World where not-terribly-nice people can kill you with their minds, a fat guy, a talking cat, an emotionless girl and a man with a bulletproof jacket take on odd jobs every two episodes.

11. A miner and a delinquent team up with an underage girl for the purpose of fighting a race war. (Hint: may have mechas?)

12. A male Ordinary High School Student in love with King Arthur learns about mythology. (Also: Superhero from the future attempts to kill self, thwarted by self. Ancient king/God learns the value of fake weaponry.) (And: Nice girl goes insane, eats a town while Medusa tries to help. Ordinary High School Student decides ethics suck and beats up a priest.)

13. A salaryman quits his job to run errands for and with unstable foreigners who frequently try to kill him. He still dresses like a salaryman, though.

14. X-Men with Japanese elementary school kids.

15. Eight high school students (including one robot), a kid, and a dog try to prevent the end of the world by shooting themselves in the head over and over inside a school at midnight. (Alternatively: The greatest stair-climbing simulator in history.)

16. Angsty teens fight each other in a tale of fantastic racism. (Hint: may also have mechas?)

17. Kid Detective solves murders after barely escaping his own with a Fountain Of Youth.

18. A kind English church boy repeatedly rips his arm off to fight a clown.

19. An Ordinary High School Student slices a girl he never met before into seventeen pieces. She gets better and enlists him to fight vampires.

20. Nice guy falls in love with fetishist of fine kitchenware with a hotline to The Force.

21. The day-to-day activities of Italian social services.

22. Bored sleep-deprived people contemplate time travel, parallel dimensions and love. To understand what's really going on you have to beat the game at least five times.

23. She's a spooky story-loving high school girl! He's a paranormal investigator! Together, they fight crime go hunting for spirits!

24. A lawyer with spiky hair defends the innocent through courtroom antics and really dramatic pointing, beating down an old friend and said friend's mentor in the process. His old boss sticks around to help from beyond the grave.

25. A scythe and the daughter of a scythe attend an Extranormal Institute and fight a snake witch. (Or: Death employs children to fight a mad god, and watches while they end up going mad in the process. Author is pop culture fan who does it for the lulz and the cool over, and over again.)

26. Superweapons are given to mentally unstable children while the adults plot to destroy the world. Anyone who claims to understand it is a liar. Even the creator.

27. Teenagers with psychic powers travel to the future to change the past.

28. Eight different high school students solve local murders by watching TV all night long.

Grr at some of my series not having an entry on that thing. (I'm looking at you, Mentalist. And Devil Survivor.) Ah well.

I still remember doing the same thing last year before midterms in regards to blowing a few nights on this site...goddamnit.

Also, because I'm going insane: prompt me for fic. Like I need to mess with my head even more, or something. Yet I do. So go for it. (May or may not be biased towards Persona and Pandora Hearts right now. Ahem.)

Speaking of fic, been stuck on the one for a really long time. Massive spoilers for Ever17. Safe to say, it's starting to make me hate genetics and lifespans because I've no idea how I want to resolve these things. I think I want the characters to have happy endings and not write deathfic...yet it's so hard to do. Sensically. Hrrrrrm.

FF.net decided to go batshit and...wiped out all my dividers for half my stories. Was not amused. My fics are unintelligable as it is, so that was quite unnecessary D8
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