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always, always / I wanted us to be (always, always you and me)

Back in Shanghai. More to come later, 'cause I've been posting too much to get through everything lately and I'm sure you could all use a break from me. 8D Anyway, since I'm bored - if anyone has the time to look at this month's 31_days themes, if you see one that sounds cool -and- could fit with a fandom I know, please suggest (though please, nothing due before the 12th)? My writing's getting rusty. (Or, if you have any other requests in general, I completely don't mind. :D)

I have too many fandoms and yet none at all, but if you know I know something, try it. Otherwise, what are the current obsessions...Black Cat (still ;;;;;), Fairy Tail (though I have two unfinished oneshots for this that are just so...frustrating, 'cause - me and humor = bah), Lie to Me (though fic for it...hm I dunno), DOGS, Gurren Lagann, Fire Emblem always and forever. Otherwise...I dunno. Suzumiya Haruhi, Soul Eater, Ghost Hunt, Fate/stay night, P3? Etc etc etc?

...I wish I brought my PS3. Except I'd have never trusted the airplane with it but. but. but. I miss my Valkyria Chronicles and sob. ):

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