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Byyyy the way.

I started doodling and remembered that it's someone's birthday. So. To a certain that_september - I know you still don't like animanga, and so I tried modeling this after Inara from Firefly, but you know, it was really hard and didn't work, and so this is all I've got and I hope you like it 8D :

Happy birthday, you. :] :] :] (And, y'know, answer me on AIM sometime. I don't wanna be talking to the wall or something. ;_; )

...I can't wait to get my dual monitor setup back, aka a monitor that shows good color and good contrast and alskdgjldkjlgjdg. And that took me longer to draw than I thought it would. I might've gone back to preferring paper over the tablet. O_o Going to practice more this year, hahaha.
Tags: birthdays, stuff:art

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