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Look, guys, look. It’s…it’s icons. It’s icons. O_o. Fuck the what?

{140 icons}
[55] The Mentalist (1-55)
[35] Ghost Hunt (56-90)
[30] Fairy Tail (91-120)
[20] Black Lagoon (121-140)

( the underneath's no big surprise )

After someone's ceaseless persuasion, started watching Lie To Me.


…So I basically spent all day watching TV. ;_; It’s…okay, so it won’t replace The Mentalist in my heart, or CSI, or any of my crime dramas. Its appeal really is in the psychology and the microexpressions. (Which I’m dying to learn right now. I would do it.) Though, haha, I think it took me five eps just to learn the chars’ names. No, this won’t be a ‘fandom’ of mine, so to say.

Buuuuut I do love them all dearly. Especially Lightman, no surprise. Old, jaded guy with a lot of pain and ties to…ah, I’ll go into it later in a locked post. But basically. Right now, some of this is resonating a little too much. Ah, yeah.

I’ll talk about it later. I need tomorrow to come around all right.
Tags: fandoms:black lagoon, fandoms:fairy tail, fandoms:ghost hunt, fandoms:lie to me, fandoms:the mentalist, stuff:icons

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