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she's suddenly beautiful / we all want something beautiful ( / I wish I was beautiful )

Gank gank gank from the flist: List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

All right, you know my weird writing style and how I write everything in pieces? Out of order? This makes it very hard to include all my unfinished crap in here... Plus, sometimes I have those little headers and lyrics and just openers and stuff. Mrgh.

1. “So you see?”

2. The funny thing about a war is, you never seem to remember there’s an end to it.

3. Why, she wondered, as his hand put a chokehold around her throat.

4. “Achtung, baby!” he yells to the enraptured, roaring crowd.

5. Hei only half-remembers their Messier numbers, nowadays.

6. // determine the equation.

7. I am you and you are me.

8. All so quickly, life is back to the way it was.

9. No cause so great to end nobility in name than what it tries to save.

10. “Gratitude…”

11. “You! You our medic?”

12. There is the city; there is the girl.

13. Haruhi is not stupid.

14. All I want to do is sleep.

15. “I got my new orders today.”

16. Despite the outward optimism she’d showed, she hadn’t expected to survive Daein’s first strike.

17. The bomb went off in New York.

18. watching the flashbacks intertwine

19. When they were children, Chika constantly followed Mitsukuni around.

20. Red on a woman is unnerving, he thinks the first time around.

I find that most of my ‘opening sentences’ look incomplete here, as my openers are usually the first two short lines at the top or so. …And I excluded most of my lyrical headers, but. 6 was a header for “the mathematics of forgetting”. 18 began with Muse lyrics. And the first four were all from unfinished work. 8D

And alas, didn’t include the Black Lagoon one – still trying to figure my way through it. And on that note. Finished what’s out of the manga and alsdkgjlk out of chapters. Alksdjglaksjdg. This whole arc’s just…man, if I thought Fujiyama Gangster’s Paradise was something, El Baile de la Muerte is just…damn.

But Rock/Revy is seriously the most blatantly subtle (canon?!) pairing I have ever seen. Especially with chapter 54. “You keep me from falling over the edge…I’m grateful for that,” and, “If you’re a gun, then I’m a bullet. If we had never met, then I would’ve just spent my entire life as a lump of lead. But, we did.” That entire chapter. *_______* I think this is quite simply my favorite pairing ever now.

…Totally hope I didn’t spoil anyone. Not that it’s really spoilery…? Shit, I think I’m in love with this series. And since the art is so gorgeous and I’ve been contemplating trashing my D.G-M layout for a while…heh.

Also, why did I not discover the rest of these guys' songs before? Dunno about the sound some of the time, but the lyrics...wow.
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