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Hey people who've played other Shin Megami Tensei games, riddle me this. Does the nameless male main character guy always have short blue hair and always seemed spaced out and always wear headphones? 'Cause in P3, Minato's like that. And in Devil Survivor, guy-with-no-canon-name-yet has these...weird headphones. That either 1) look like devil horns or 2) cat ears, which leads to his nickname of "nekomimi" in Japanese fandom. But yeah, just wondering if this is an SMT tradition or something.

Buuuuuuuuut I wish more of you knew Devil Survivor. It's a really intriguing game and I like all the characters (O_o) and and. And yeah. Totally drawing more for this series. Maybe. If I draw. Still can't motivate myself to practice, and I dunno if I'm just limiting myself to animanga style, either...also mom wants me to sign up for this painting class, so I guess I need to stop with animanga for now.

I have seen instances of at least five character traits of mine that I really, really hate today, and I don't have the strength to change a single one of them. I utterly fail at life. Also broke out into a huge rant about my internship which my parents patiently listened to (my dad was all "how about I take you out to lunch one day and I go talk to your editors?" me: *shudder* "maybe not."). Still. I just...I just want...christ. Meanwhile everyone else back at uni will be all "yeah, I interned, yeah, my stuff got on the front page, yeah, it was awesome"...yay lack of resume building amongst genius overachievers whom I don't belong with.

Also need to transfer my mood theme to photobucket as I can't see them. Thank you (re: fuck you) China. Must be something with the ethnic unrest, I guess.

There's also some kind of anime exhibition (not "convention," apparently) here right now, so we're going tomorrow. I'll stay positive about it. Also found out today that my brother watches anime and reads manga, some of the series which are my favorites also. ...I just went, "... ." Couldn't believe it. Dunno why, really. It's just...I've never seen these habits of his, I guess?

............You learn something new every day. 8D;;;;
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