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Manga chronology - Detective Conan chapters 303-400

Hey guys, so uhm. I think I last posted a summary.......over two years ago? I'm sorrrrryyyyyyyy D8 I just ran out of time and now I'm actually quite behind in this series. But I will catch up! ...one day. Really, I will. *hates on busy uni life*

Anyway. The first post has all of the intro stuff and the explanations for what symbols are what, etc etc.

I also glanced at some of my old summaries and...was my voice really that juvenile back then? D8

All summaries:
Chapters 001-101, plus intro and explanation
Chapters 102-203
Chapters 204-302
Chapters 303-400

303-304: A murderer comes after the children, but why? [Appearances of Haibara, the Detective Boys, and Satou and Takagi at the end, slight info on Gin] {Genta’s misfortune}

305-306-307: Did I mention the imaginations of people in Detective Conan are hilarious? [Appearance of Ran, Sonoko, who Conan uses to solve the case, Takagi, Megure, mentions of Makoto] {The pottery shop}

308-309-310: Well, looks like Kogorou’s reputation is getting somewhere… [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, the blundering inspector Yamamura] {Truth from the impostor; the fake Mouri Kogorou}

311-312-313: More Ai and Ran interaction, or, Haibara constantly brushing Ran off as usual while saying...interesting things in the process. (But we all know why she does it, right?) At any rate, developments and all that. [Appearance of Ran, Haibara, Professor Agasa, who Conan uses to solve the case, Sonoko, the Detective Boys, the funky-haired Yokomizu] {Fisherman caught in the net}

314-315-316: An almost completely Heiji-centric case…yeah, Conan doesn’t get there for a while, so it’s a nice change of pace. And we learn that Heiji’s great at kendo (because somehow, everyone has these amazing talents. Naturally). [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Heiji, Kazuha, Heiji’s mother] {The knight of Naniwa; legends at the kendo tournament}

317-318-319-320-321: Story continues from last arc, occurs in Osaka as well. A marriage proposal, eh? [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Heiji, Kazuha, Heiji’s father, Kazuha’s father; multi-murder mystery] {The roleplaying tour group; the lord’s treasure}

322-323-324: Your typical many-celebrities-and-a-crime case…or is it? [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Okino Yoko, Megure, Takagi] {Secret of the idols; the earth ladies}

325-326-327: Introduction of James Black…whom you’ll learn more about soon. It’s really hard not to put these spoilers in. And…what’s that with Shuichi at the end? [Appearance of Haibara, Professor Agasa, the Detective Boys, Takagi, Satou, Yumi, Akai Shuichi, James Black] {Something the lion dropped}

328-329-330: Satou’s marriage proposal…to, erm, Shiratori? Man, don’t miss this arc. At all. Seriously. Bolding it on principle alone. [Appearances of Satou, Shiratori, Satou’s mother, Takagi, Yumi, Chiba, Dr. Araide, Sonoko, Conan stepping in as Shin’ichi to give Takagi a hand, and Akai Shuichi as well?] {The marriage bet}

(And all I gotta say is…well, you’ll know if you don’t already. 8D)

331-332-333-334: Wow, a Makoto appearance…in a fit of jealousy? Aw man. The joys of Valentine’s Day. [Brief appearance of Haibara, the Detective Boys, appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Sonoko, Makoto, mentions of Akai Shuichi] {The bloody valentine}

335-336-337: Slight continuation from last arc. Uh oh…someone’s digging into the records of Mouri…from the day of the bus-jacking. The Black Organization? And poor Haibara, in a sense. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Haibara, Professor Agasa, the Detective Boys, Megure, Takagi, a glimpse of Akai Shuichi] {Life of a flower; missing watch}

338-339-340: Ahaha. What’s an X, eh? Important chapter simply because of all the subtleties and undertones in it, and the end of the last chapter, if nothing else. [Appearances of Ran, Sonoko, Jodie-sensei, Akai Shuichi, Megure, Takagi, Chiba…Chris Vineyard and Gin as well?] {The meaning of an ‘X’}

341-342-343: The whole thing about how (to me) Chris Vineyard and Jodie-sensei look (somewhat…well, at least in the beginning the first time through) very similar is so…argh. Troublesome for labeling. Anyway. Continuation of the information from the last chapter. And…a plan to observe Jodie-sensei goes, as usual, slightly off the mark. Surprise appearance of Heiji as well. [Appearances of Haibara, Professor Agasa, Heiji, Jodie-sensei, Takagi, Megure] {The strange neighbor; motives of an English teacher}

344-345-346: Naturally, Chris Vineyard is a big enigma. Introduction of Sharon Vineyard, Chris’s mother and a famous actress as well, who died the first day Chris Vineyard appeared in the public eye. [Appearances of Haibara, Professor Agasa, the Detective Boys, Megure, Takagi, mentions of Chris and Sharon Vineyard] {“A secret makes a woman woman”; the storm of booing}

347-348-349: Introduction of Yokomizu Juugo, Yokomizu (Sango)’s brother, who’s also an inspector, but one more doubtful of Mouri’s abilities. [Appearance of Yokomizu (Juugo)] {Raining deja-vu}

350-351-352-353-354: Story directly continues from last arc. Ran finally remembers where she saw Akai Shuichi all those years ago. (And wow, Shin’ichi’s mom drives like a demon.) [Appearance of Shin’ichi, Kudou Yukiko, Akai Shuichi and holy crap he had long hair; flashback case in New York City] {Death from the golden apple; for the fairest one}

355-356-357: [Brief appearances of Dr. Araide, Sonoko] {Ghost house mystery}

358-359-360: Mentions of the Black Organization. [Appearance of Haibara, Professor Agasa, the Detective Boys, the bumbling inspector Yamamura] {The disappearance of Mitsuhiko}

361-362-363-364-365: Ahaha, Heiji and Conan are playing that “guess the swimsuit” game; too bad Kazuha doesn’t appreciate it. Trip to Okinawa. [Appearances of Heiji, Kazuha] {Death island; Match! Mouri Kogorou vs. Hattori Heiji}

366-367-368: More important Satou backstory (wow, for a secondary character, she gets a lot of stuff – which is awesome), and introduction of Matsuda Jinpei, who was with their unit for only 7 days, because…well, you’ll learn the story about him. Later. And now everyone’s making fun of poor Satou about Takagi. …And the police are using up their time figuring out when and where their date is, while planning a stakeout for it. (Wow.) More relationship-py things. Erm, kinda. In the wrong direction. [Appearances of Haibara, the Detective Boys, Satou, Takagi, Yumi, Shiratori, Professor Agasa, Megure] {Stolen videotape; the police bomber}

369-370-371-372-373: Directly continues from the last arc. Final appearance of Matsuda, and the story behind what happened. The sadistic bomber strikes again… And definite relationship-py things. [Appearances of Matsuda, Satou, Takagi, Shiratori, Haibara, the Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, Superintendent Matsumoto, Chiba, Sonoko] {The officer who never returned}

374-375-376: Story about Ran’s parents in their high school days and everything else. And…uh oh, Conan can’t put Kogorou to sleep this time? [Appearance of Yokomizu, Kisaki Eri] {Kogorou’s choice}

377-378-379: Conan figures out Haibara’s real name. Black Organization arc? [Appearance of Megure, Takagi, Akai Shuichi, mention of Tequila] {The footsteps of darkness; the game designer}

380-381-382-383: Continues directly from last arc. Introduction of the Anywhere Ball Belt, which gives Conan a soccer ball that he can use as a weapon – that can only stay inflated for 10 seconds. The break Conan’s been waiting for to track down the Black Organization? [Appearances of Haibara, Professor Agasa, Vodka, Gin, Megure, Akai Shuichi] {Against the stream of time; a precarious encounter}

384-385-386: There’s a little bit of information on Haibara’s history and slightly less about her family, or rather, the death of her parents. And quite the amusing end in a squabble for romance between kids. [Appearance of Haibara, the Detective Boys] {The old picture}

387-388-389: Masked martial arts fighters? Sounds like a case. And really, insane luck must run strong in the Mouri family. Plus, a media frenzy over Sleeping Kogorou? [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Megure, Takagi, Sonoko at the very end] {The man who can never be a wolf}

390-391-392: Otherwise known as: oh shit, our lovable duo gets…kidnapped. The reason why? [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Heiji, Kazuha] {Heiji and Kazuha in grave danger!}

393-394-395-396-397: So if Ran has a good-luck weather charm, Conan has an outdoor field trip, and Heiji really really wants Conan to go with him on the case, what’ll Heiji do? Surely not something juvenile like hiding the charm… And if you think this case is a deja-vu of The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie, well, you’re not wrong. Highly recommended read. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Heiji, Kazuha; serial arsonist case] {The luring red horse}

398-399-400: We get the names of Haibara’s parents, Miyano Atsushi and Elena. Ayumi’s mission to call Haibara “-chan” instead of “-san”, with amusing results. [Appearances of Haibara, the Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, Megure, Takagi] {Torn friendship}

We'll see if I can even get to any more of these before...I dunno, summer. -_-;; And I also want to attempt my Conan/Ai fic again, but I heard there'd been some huge developments and I'd like to catch up before doing anything like that. Plus...the Ghost Hunt fic takes precedence, I guess. 8D
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