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Holiday card post

Since the card is almost done...well, I mean, ergh. Whyyyy won't it look polished like those accomplished dA artists' work. Cough ahem anyway yeah so this is the card post, all comments are screened and leave me one if you want a holiday card :D

Keep in mind that...er, I think I'm mailing out the US address ones this week, so depending on where you'll be when you get it and you have to choose between the dorm address and the home address, so on and so forth. I'll probably mail the international ones when I get back to China and let my dad deal with that.

I expect some of you to comment for sure. :D

The card tentatively looks like this for now, if that helps any. (And if anyone has art critique please send now before I print these things. Yeah.)

My hand also seized up during the Japanese exam with 30 minutes to go and thus I had to write crookedly and just force myself through the rest of it, ow. This has never happened before, argh my hand.
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