November 15th, 2009

Natsume - and the world turns red

nothing really matters.

Again, felt way too limited by how I could only pick 4 favorites. ): And how I really didn't have icons for a good chunk of these expressions. Haha, I'm not surprised.

The LJ Expression Meme

Journal: darkenedsakura

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

Snag yourself the coding here.

So, Rae, hey. A friend and I are setting out to write a visual novel. Be prepared. for the crappiness, probably :D :D >:D We even resorted to a random generator to come up with ideas, and hahahahahahaha. Ahahahahaha.

Saw our production of Mass. It was amazing - wonderful dance and singing, but a lot of the Catholic things went over my head. Same for my friends, one of whom was raised Catholic, so. XD; Otherwise. Awful weekend. Complete with all the...awfulness. Trimmings. Whatever. At least I have my euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide paper done, know what, I don't care any more about non-school things. I hope this letter to my Japanese penpals makes sense in, er, Japanese, though. ;_; ;;;