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voice post meme, come and get it

Since I particularly hate myself lately and I feel like doing something different.

All right, ganking this from misora :D Since, yeah, I never use my allocated voice posts either, I figured…eh, why not. Reply to this post with any questions you’d like me to answer via a voice post, and I’ll try my best to. Go for as many questions as you like, but try not to leave me winded. 8D

I’ve left anonymous comments on, so if you’d rather I didn’t know who asked the question, that’s fine. However, while I don’t really mind questions on anything – personal, theoretical, you want to make me look like a fool, whatever – there will be questions that I will not answer. Just so you know. *shrug* All voice posts will be locked, obviously.

Anyway, uh, have fun? We’ll see if I can get my internet to cooperate enough for voice posts, now. 8D
Tags: stuff:memes, stuff:voice posts

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