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unlocked fandom babble? say it's not so :O

The past few days, I haven’t been sleeping. Haven’t been able to, really. And the number of hours I’d get would just keep dwindling and dwindling, from 5 to 3 to…so on. I was never tired or exhausted – couldn’t nap or even fall asleep during car rides – but the random headaches were worst. Even if my eyes were closing on me at my desk, once I got to bed I was wide awake again. Not even thinking about anything, but I was awake all the same. So I eventually gave up.

My parents aren’t panicking any more, at least. Though mom keeps pushing her “you just have to stop thinking so much” thing at me, like how she pushed the “you can’t do this! You’re young, you should be happy, you have lots of time ahead of you,” at that friend. I shouldn’t get bitter at her for that, though, because it’s what all people without the experience or training say. Sadly. No excuse for ignorance.

I’m a pretty sad person, sigh. Either way, I seem to finally be tiring myself out, so whatever.

We went out to see Hancock here, but I forgot that as it was a global release, that meant that they'd probably done the dub in time for it...and since we went to a smaller theater, not the one that does show English movies undubbed because of the expatriates...sob. We didn't know it was a Chinese dub until the movie started, and then me and my brother basically went "...oh, fuck." My parents asked if we wanted to leave, but whatever, we stuck it out. I mean, I could understand all of the main stuff, just none of the subtleties and only 40-50% of the jokes. The whole experience was irritating. And this makes me think that all Chinese female VAs/actresses' voices suck miserably, from everything I've heard so far. Is the flitty, flute-y, freaking annoying voice just that popular?! D: Sigh, otherwise. Dad was all "see that helped you practice your Chinese!" but lakdjg. It seemed pretty good from what I saw though, and holllllly shit Charlize Theron, but yeah, I have to go find an English version now. -_-

Yes, I’ve finished quite a few series over the past 1.5 months. Well, quite a few for me, at any rate, considering I don’t get into a lot. I watched La Corda d’Oro a while ago - shut up, Dex 8D - because damn, if Japanese dating sims aren’t the funniest things in the world. I played Tokimemo with Rika a while back just so we could laugh uproariously at everything. XD Dear god, all of the romance situations…ahahahaha, these writers must be on crack. I’m so glad these situations just can’t happen in real life. A-and dolphin…whispering. With a violin. Ahahahaha playing music to soothe a stressed dolphin reminds me of the more expensive beef which is supposed to be more tender due to how the cows were brought up on quality organic greens and, er, Mozart. 8D;;;; When Rika saw that scene, she bemoaned to me, “I don’t know what’s wrong with my country.” XD

But I really like Kahoko a lot, way more than I thought I would. Er, same with Hihara, which surprised me because I normally don’t like guys like him. He's probably my favorite of the five, actually. O_o I also don’t get why people dislike Tsuchiura or think he’s oddly perfect – so he can play soccer and piano well. I can play piano and swim well, amongst other things, so? Yunoki’s a bastard. I just don't go for 'dual' popular characters like that, those ones with a hidden face. Yunoki reminds me an awful lot of...hm, Zelos, in a subtle way, and while I know fangirls love him for his 'complexity' I could never like him either. (imo, simply being dual doesn't make you complex.) So, eh, dunno. I strongly disliked Tsukimori for a good half of the series and kept calling him a jerk, whether he's emotionally retarded or no. Shimizu makes me think that Fukuyama Jun is the scariest VA ever because…Lelouch = Sakaki (WHR) = Shimizu? Uhmmmmm. He’s…scary. ._.

The other thing about the series was the music. For the most part they picked nice enough classical selections, so that was nice, but...some of it was a bit unrealistic. So I've heard that what Tsukimori's capable of playing really does make him a very, very talented kid, but the piano selections don't impress me. Chopin's Fantasie/Impromptu 4 is within my playing capacity, if I'd learned it before I stopped three years ago. The fact that Tsuchiura learned that one Waltz when he was in elementary and then could play the Fantasie only years later is kind of strange. And then so on and so forth. Dunno. I'm going to show a few eps to that friend who's here, but from what I've mentioned already she agrees with that element of inconsistency. Rika was surprised at the music selection also, because there are more than enough children drilled in one form of music or another as their extracurricular, so it wouldn't have been unreasonable to assume that the writers would pick songs that fit advanced, advanced playing levels. But ah well, I guess most people wouldn't know these things so it worked out.

Otherwise, it was a hilarious series. Sure, I laughed at everything I probably wasn't meant to laugh at and what others would've swooned over, but oh hahahahaha, that was just plain hilarious. And Rika wants to get the game just to laugh at it, considering the anime was this funny XD Pairings-wise, I might like Hihara more, but the series has a definite Tsukimori/Kahoko slant, which I don't mind. While fic-searching I did find one that really captures the essence of what I laughed at when watching the series, which was great. XD And some of the oneshots aren't so bad. Otherwise...sappy cliches that I will just avoid, thankyouverymuch.

Finished watching all of the Evangelion stuff out there except the Rebirth recaps, and eh. I mean, yay Hayashibara Megumi’s voice, but…yeah, the manga’s so much better. Much, much better, especially manga!Kaworu. He was a multifaceted semi-bastard who I really liked there (introducing him earlier and allowing him to meet Rei was a smart decision), but in the anime, it was simply an Ishida Akira drive-by. D: Not that I didn’t appreciate that, but…I dunno, the Shinji-Kaworu interaction/semi-pairing in the anime was just weird. The manga gave it four dimensions. Then again, the manga leaned much more strongly towards Shinji/Rei also, but hm. Ponder ponder. 8D Anime definitely had more hints about Ritsuko, though, which I wish the manga had. And for some reason a lot of the Angel battles changed considerably. Also the character deaths…okay, so I liked the anime more in that regard, not counting the End movie. But the manga's take did make things darker. Hm.

Then again, Kaji’s character underwent the largest changes, I thought. The manga actually gave him a damn story, whereas in the anime he was just an accessory to Misato. Who honestly had more going for her in the manga as well. And, er, the anime’s sometimes Shinji/Misato slant was honestly just creepy. I wonder if there’ll be the Shinji/Asuka ending in the manga, though, seeing as it’s already incorporating End of Evangelion into its storyline? Damnit, I hope more chapters come out soon. Sob. Judging from what the manga's done so far, I think its End version will be less...jumpy? spontaneous? than the anime/movie. Well, I hope. It hasn't let me down so far.

But yes, eh the anime. And oh yeah, why did the end theme keep changing? Not the theme itself, but whichever version of the song they played. Different verses, remixes, different singers, duets, trios, etc etc. I thought that was highly odd. But ah well. Shinji’s still my favorite – he was more wimpy in the anime, I thought, but not too bad. I dunno, he just…seems real to me. Maybe because I’m a wimp as well. Dunno. Knowing that he's voiced by the same guy who voiced Yukito from CCS cracks me up, at least. XD

Dex was very excited, because I finally watched the Ghost Hunt eps I downloaded whilst in Japan. And ran through all of them in one day. 8D (Hey, I had 2 hours of CSI also, so.) And okay okay, that was a great recommendation, I admit it. Just rec me more atypical or non-shoujo and we’ll be great. 8D But oh yeah, it’s been so long since I’ve seem something truly mystery-themed and damned good at what it does. I mean, yeah, wow, the series is effective. What’s creepy is just plain creepy, the suspense keeps grabbing at me, etc. But that one huge maze house arc completely creeped me out. Anyone who I’ve talked to about Supernatural knows that the two episodes that got me the most were The Benders and Asylum. The Benders, which was ironic because the ‘monster of the week’ was actually a human factor, and Asylum because it was set in a real supposedly haunted asylum and…okay, I’m not comfortable with those scenes of the tiled room with the straps on the table and humans torturing humans and performing medical experiments on them and everything, like in Rose Red and with the Nazi party and everything. And while that arc didn’t get that full-blown, still. D8 But all of the cases and plotlines are written so well and escalate nicely.

Anyway, yeah, the series is good. At first it was kind of surprising that it just launched into the realm of ghosts, spirits, monsters, and the psychic, as an almost accepted sort of…science, even? I mean, even Mai, who wasn’t part of the whole group at first, wasn’t...well, she was surprised, but never, “oh my god, I didn’t think spirits actually existed!” Actually, all of the clients as well. Compared to them, the number of doubters was quite small. Which makes me wonder how much this has been set into the future, because it said that paranormal researchers accepted the existence of so and so, but when I had to research psychic phenomenon for English, it was a bit more ambiguous. So hm. Either way, though.

Hahaha, I think I have a new favorite character now. Though to be honest…when I first saw Naru, I was just thinking, “please, tell me he’s only here for this arc. Make him goooo awayyyyyyyy.” Uhm, yes, that was a great knee-jerk reaction of mine. XDDD And then I was confused because his name is Shibuya Kazuya, but I knew one of the main characters was Naru and he seemed like what I’d heard about him from Dex, but…Shibuya Kazuya? And then I got the Shibuya Kazuya = narcissist = Naru-chan = Naru, and he’s too damn good looking, and that sort of sealed the deal. 8D Shallow shallow. But hm, now I’m reading the manga, since the anime only got to clarifying just one of the many mysteries surrounding him. Read the canon info page though, and…wow, the author really got it all good and figured out. I’m still hmmmmm at the ending regarding Mai and Naru, though, and how the 2nd novel series from what I've heard so far didn't address the ramifications of their final talk beforehand. I mean, eh. Ehhhh. Dex help, there must be more canon info out there than that. D:

I like Mai a lot more than I thought I would, actually. She’s along the same vein as Kyouko (Skip Beat!) or even Kahoko (La Corda), honestly, and I do like them. Er, probably Kahoko more because she’s a bit…not as prone to jumping around, but Mai’s got her own charm. I found it interesting that she told Naru that she assumed he fit the description of ‘handsome’ because of how her classmates reacted to him, but unlike other heroines, she eventually realized that she liked him and just ran with it. Points to her for that. But then there was that...other problem in the novels, though I wouldn't attribute it to any kind of heroine density. Etc etc. Yeah, I'm talking about the thing with Gene, if you know.

Yes, Dex, I do like Bou-san…though I was horribly confused at first because you kept telling me that I have to like him no matter what but no one’s name was Bou and, yeah, lost…until I realized that meant monk and ohhhhhhh. 8D Hahaha. Ha. I mean, eh, the whole ensemble’s nice – Yasuhara is excellent, telling stories like that with such straight faces XDDDD – but yeah, Naru and Mai (and yes Bou-san, backup band bass-playing monk and all 8D) are way ahead of the rest of the bunch.

This has the most blatant main pairing ever. I mean, honestly, ff.net has almost no slash or alternate pairings. It’s quite amazing. (Though, as about 87% of the fic is Naru/Mai, and most of that 87% is bad, I’m…done with pairings for the day. -_-) I have never seen this, ever. :O :O :O I mean, even with other atypical shoujo series...for example, Gakuen Alice does lean heavily towards Natsume/Mikan, but you still get the odd Ruka/Mikan fan here and there.

But yes, after all of those series. Mmmmmn Naru. See, there’s an emotionally retarded character that I like. I dunno – Dex was baffled when I said I didn’t like Tsukimori (initially; yes, blasphemy, whatever) or Yunoki or a bunch of characters who again are supposed to be my favorites. Everyone should just give up on pegging me because what I watch and who I like, I have discovered, are entirely unpredictable. :D Ouran’s still the biggest case of that. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t think that Kyouya would have been my favorite, but he doesn’t even rank up there for me ._.

Eh, though, okay, yeah, sometimes who I don’t like surprises me as well. I actually thought I’d like Tsukimori a lot more. Naru didn’t surprise me. XD I didn’t think I’d like Kahoko, nor Mai. Then again, I’ve realized that most of the characters whom I absolutely love and adore…are ones who I’d absolutely hate, loathe, and detest in real life. If I met a real Hei, I’d probably run far and wide. I would probably have glaring matches with Naru. Fill in every other favorite character of mine in those blanks as well. Even the girls…well, it wouldn’t be that problematic, and I think I’d get along nicely with Haibara, but I think I’d see them like the second lunch table next to us. That’s all. I dunno, is this strange? 8D What can I say…characters whom I don’t have to interact with are one thing, but I won’t deal with them in real life.

Oops, haven’t effectively studied Japanese or Chinese all week. I guess that goal of getting fluent in Chinese over the summer is definitely going to go straight out the window…*headdesk x 100*

I should also probably stop being depressed and an insomniac. Though I’ll never take that suggestion of antidepressants and sleeping pills. Ever.

Hm, I feel like changing my tags system. It's horribly and unnecessarily convoluted. I really am meticulous, to have a numbering system in there. -____-
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