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It only took a few months, but hey, icons and stuff

Hey Rae, ICON POST UP. Even though it took me maybe three months longer than I first told you it'd take me to get it...up. 8D;;;; Better late than never, right? Right?

{100 icons}
[35] Dark Angel - 1x01-1x03 (01-35)
[35] Tales of (Symphonia, Destiny, Phantasia, Abyss) - talesof_battle entries (35-70)
[30] various fandoms - animanga_lims entries (71-100)

( we're all waiting, waiting on your supernova )

Should be able to post icons next month or whatnot, since I've been entering icontests normally and everything. I dunno, depends on how busy I get once again. Life's sort of still floating by and all.

Ugh, I don't really have anything witty to say because I'm still not fully adjusted after yesterday - I'm completely exhausted right now but I'm still staring down my bio so I think that sleep's going to win this contest, but. Oh why do I fail at getting work done...I'm going to have a succession of papers and orals over the next two weeks and I still can't bother to do anything. 8D

And I'm so glad I looked around to see if Anna Nalick released anything new, because I'm completely in love with her new single. The fact that it completely fits my life right now, or at least how I'm trying not to hate myself etc, might've had something to do with that. Damn, if only my voice was as good as hers. And her lyrics. Yeah, done gushing.

Gah, can't stay awake. Sleep wins, bio and history lose.
Tags: fandoms:dark angel, fandoms:tales of symphonia, stuff:icons

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