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12 February 2008 @ 11:24 pm
tcg_exchange - trade logs  
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Past Trade Logs

11.12.07 - Traded rekka15 for seal01 with illeistic; traded plan08 for sms16 with enacting
11.13.07 - Traded iris15 for exorcist03 with kirikaito; traded beloved09 for sight09 with mobiuswolf
11.14.07 - Traded short11 for exorcist12 with orlandogirl
11.15.07 - Traded unsent06 for souen12 with digimax; traded food15, lynx06, bure06 for seal14, seal17, justasplanned02 with neonclover
11.19.07 - Traded key12 for lynx20 with warwolves (10)
11.20.07 - Traded lynx20 for souen30 with ririkit
11.21.07 - Traded nano18 for esper12 with ririkit; traded strahl15 for exorcist11 with monochroma; traded key19, nobodies12 for berry20, notasplanned06 with warwolves; traded lancelot10, maou06 for souen14, seal19 with staticlights; traded traitor13 for seal09 with neonclover; traded liek06 for frown17 with enacting
11.22.07 - Traded berry20 for exorcist15 with shadow_desires; traded frown17, lost17 for justasplanned09 with kirikaito (20)
11.23.07 - Traded ruffles13 for esper14 with mobiuswolf
11.24.07 - Traded dual01 for lancelot02 with ishtar_vr; traded rain07 for esper08 with hezul; traded gemini03 for frown16 with togekid
11.25.07 - Traded knight06 for exorcist04 with mobiuswolf
11.26.07 - Traded ruins01, flower14 for notasplanned05 with neonclover; traded kibouhou06 for notasplanned03 with ririkit; traded frown16 for crimson03 with kirikaito; traded crimson03 for pokedex146 with implication
11.27.07 - Traded princess09 for esper13 with hezul (30); traded left20 for seal07 with monochroma
11.28.07 - Traded senpai03 for cynic04 with co_raptor; traded emo06 for souen23 with cruxis; traded lancelot02 for sos18 with resonancy; traded ougi06 for justasplanned03 with wingdance
11.28.07 - Traded april02 for sos15 with mobiuswolf; traded extreme03 for sos10 with temperamental; traded dolls16 for boots02 with mobiuswolf
11.30.07 - Traded black05 for esper03 with ishtar_vr; traded broom20 for souen09 with neonclover (40)
12.01.07 - Traded tactics11 for sos08, sos11 and rain09, rain16 for cynic07, cynic11 with hezul; traded king18 for souen32 with biases
12.02.07 - Traded boots12 for sos13 with wingdance; traded jewel08, >9000_08 for cynic06, justasplanned08 with hezul; traded silent04 for souen35 with biases; traded ruins03 for exorcist18 with neonclover; traded plan17 for emo08 with chiisana_sora (50); traded 1 C cert for rain15 with monochroma; traded prince15 for pokedex131 with first_tears
12.03.07 - Traded rain15 for seal20 with hezul; traded emo08 for sos17 with hitomik; traded necro09 for pokedex126 with ishtar_vr (55); traded jailbait19 for nano15 with biases
12.04.07 - Traded duck07 for seal06 with warwolves; traded pitcher03 for sleep19 with monochroma; traded nano15 for esper02 with ririkit; traded lost05 for sos03 with enacting (60)
12.05.07 - Traded sleep07, sleep19 for esper10, pokedex132 with itsplashes; traded knight17, raven11 for justasplanned04 with biases
12.06.07 - Traded esper10 for loveless12 with hezul; traded bure04 for pokedex14, pokedex110 with ishtar_vr (65)
12.07.07 - Traded loveless12 for sos04 with ladybrighid3333; traded chaos12 for justice04 with akivaria_chan; traded berry02 for pokedex125 with stuffedpanda
12.08.07 - Traded kibouhou07 for esper06, oresama11 and lunar05, lolicon20, seisen19, seisen28 for cynic01, cynic12, cynic17, esper16 with biases (70); traded sketch02 for souen01 with warwolves; traded albhed12 for pokedex143 with wingdance (75); traded protect09, protect11, oresama11 for justice13, souen40, souen44 with akivaria_chan; traded traitor04 for esper20 with a745
12.09.07 - Traded cocoa04, empathy20 for black06, logic01 with cruxis (80); traded king13 for cynic16 with biases; traded burn15 for pokedex139 with mmrobitussin; traded black06, logic01 for seal11, witch09 with kaorien (85); traded disney17 for pokedex67, pokedex69 with mmrobitussin; traded witch09 for sos12 with ladybrighid3333; traded fiance07 for pokedex39 with illeistic; gifted souen38 by akivaria_chan <3; traded empathy03 for pokedex88 with takarou; traded frown05 for esper04 with kirikaito (90)
12.10.07 - Traded whip19 for souen05 with mobiuswolf; traded solar01 for souen07 with ashe; traded thunder18 for alien09 with digimax; traded fashion02, saiyan19 for seal08, seal12 with biases (95); traded rain07 for cynic19 with biases
12.11.07 - Traded woobie05 for sos16 with regis; traded nfu20 for souen37 with akivaria_chan; traded writer08 for sos01 with illeistic; traded gemini14 for pokedex79 with temperamental (100); traded chemist13, forget01 for loyal01, pokedex99 with monochroma; traded esper05 for justice14 with biases
12.12.07 - Traded albhed17 for esper15 with wingdance; traded prodigy18 for esper09 with monochroma (105); traded silent11 for pokedex10 with orlandogirl; traded ginryuu14 for loyal14, saiyan07 for loyal10 with blowsquirt; traded mafia15, rain10 for pokedex37, pokedex118, seal18 with biases (110)
12.13.07 - Traded abyssinian19 for cynic03 with hezul; traded noble08, serial03 for pokedex98, pokedex120 with resonancy; traded forget15 for souen41 with biases; traded booty11, shark06 for pokedex122, pokedex141 with orlandogirl (115); traded sight12 for seal13 with hitomik; traded eye16 for souen18 with kaorien; traded kyrios19 for book19 with biases; traded sky13 for albhed20 with chiisana_sora (120)
12.14.07 - Traded alien09, alien20 for pokedex11, pokedex65 with ririkit; traded book19 for souen42 with ishtar_vr
12.16.07 - Traded zero05 for justice11 with biases (125)
12.17.07 - Gifted seal04 by etenraku <3 <3
12.18.07 - Traded virtue18 for cynic10 with regis; traded pokedex61 for souen36 with eeveelyn
12.19.07 - Traded colonel13 for cynic05 with hitomik; traded ice02 for justice19 with illeistic; traded senpai10 for cynic18 with nyantan (130); traded bang07 for sos14 with biases; traded broom14 for cynic13 with enacting; gifted loyal01 by biases alklsdjg <3 <3; traded ashes14 for souen17 with ishtar_vr; traded bite12 for justice03 with biases; traded sugar07 for pokedex83 with first_tears (135)
12.20.07 - traded cheezburgr05, time20 for empathy18, pokedex31, souen15 with ririkit; traded sketch05 for sos07 with wingdance; traded nun02, nun08 for pokedex93, virtue18 with willag (140); traded disney17 for boots13, heist14 with warwolves; traded albhed20, chaos13 for pokedex75, pokedex137 with orlandogirl; traded prince17 for justice01 with first_tears
12.21.07 - traded tease19, virtue18 for pokedex08, pokedex49 with cruxis (145-146); traded bomb20 for justice20 with biases
12.22.07 - Traded empathy18 for pokedex60 with resonancy
12.23.07 - Traded data17 for souen06 with xx_lotus_xx
12.24.07 - Traded seisen30 for virtue02 with cloud_sentinel (150); traded branch18, ice15 for justice07, pokedex149 with biases; traded hyotei06, madamada13 for notasplanned02, heist20 with akivaria_chan; traded protect08 for pokedex51 with stuffedpanda (155)
12.26.07 - Traded traitor15 for pokedex116 with miken_chan; traded hikikomori04 for pokedex59 with co_raptor; traded albhed01, bomb15 for revenge09, souen21 with biases
12.27.07 - Traded loyal19 for virtue02 with little_kraehe (160); traded lost12, sky18 for pokedex33, pokedex104 with tomoeish; traded revenge09 for heist03 with mmrobitussin; traded split14 for pokedex113 with orlandogirl
12.28.07 - Traded idiot16 for heist17 with rashiea (165); traded nfu04 for souen27 with mmrobitussin
12.29.07 - Traded jailbait02 for alien10 with franchette; traded gekidasa05 for justice17 with akivaria_chan
12.30.07 - Traded guardian16 for loyal05 with resonancy; traded split17, swallow11 for pokedex12, pokedex54 with orlandogirl (170-171); traded japan03, kyrios13 for pokedex74, pokedex147 with regis; traded pluto03 for cynic02 with eeveelyn; traded pizza20, summon08 for judgment01, boots20 with warwolves (175-176)
01.01.08 - Traded persocom02 for cynic08 with itsplashes; traded protect04 for souen13 with eeveelyn; traded ceo04, sword18 for cynic09, judgment02 with resonancy (180); traded ow01, ow06 for staff event card, clow18, clow43, magician15 with regis
01.02.08 - Traded branch14, branch15, branch17, snake14, white06 for 13th18, heist11, justice18, loyal02, magician16 with biases (183-187); traded nun15 for loyal12 with willag; traded judge04 for loyal15 with illeistic; traded digivice event card for judgment12, pokedex35 with kaorien (190); traded armor10 for alien01 with ishtar_vr; traded alien08 for sky17 with enacting
01.03.08 - Traded virtue03 for heist16 with mmrobitussin; traded hosts04 for heist08, pokedex70 with orlandogirl; traded bride02 for loyal08 with biases (195)
01.04.08 - Traded gemini07 for alien05 with inquisitorial; traded magician15, magician16 for alien15, pokedex129 with franchette
01.05.08 - traded grumpy event card for superball event card, heist02 with itsplashes; traded dragon16 for clow25 with biases (200); traded dies02 for heist06 with koizumi; traded axeman01 for souen39 with blowsquirt
01.06.08 - Traded cheezburgr14 for pokedex23, pokedex50 with itsplashes; traded wings03, wings04 for pokedex63, pokedex66 with resonancy (205-206)
01.07.08 - Traded progress14 for souen33 with stuffedpanda; traded dragon03, unsent08 for freak10, pokedex22 with biases; traded revenge09 for souen16 with temperamental (210)
01.08.08 - Traded pizza10 for pokedex124 with resonancy; traded gemini02 for 13th02 with mobiuswolf; traded book08, broom02 for 13th14, clow05 with a745; traded unwanted02 for clow02 with rashiea (215); traded unwanted02, unwanted02 for heist01, heist09 with mmrobitussin
01.09.08 - Traded bite15, chopin13, rain17 silent07 for pokedex55, pokedex76, pokedex103, pokedex145 with biases (218-221); temporary trade of shoulder01, shoulder02, clow02 for notasplanned04, notasplanned07, cynic14 with akivaria_chan; traded megane07 for pokedex36 with itsplashes
01.10.08 - Traded phantom19 for judgment04 with resonancy; traded megane02 for alien18 with blowsquirt; traded pluto01, pluto11 for 13th07, freak03 with eeveelyn (225-226)
01.11.08 - Traded lancelot15, duck05 for 13th09, heist15 with implication; traded egyptian07, strahl07 for 13th10, 13th12 with warwolves (230)
01.12.08 - Traded wife03 for 13th11 with hezul; traded hosts08 for judgment14, judgment17 with rashiea; traded money11 for heist07 with orlandogirl; traded lucky17 for 13th15 with hitomik; traded lucky04, lucky07 for shoulder01 with akivaria_chan (235)
01.14.08 - Traded justice19 for judgment16 with resonancy; traded shoulder03 for heist12, souen34 with itsplashes
01.15.08 - Traded flame19 for clow01 with franchette; traded prodigy05, white14 for freak09, souen25 with biases (239-240); traded cheezburgr14 for loyal16, pokedex01 with biases
01.16.08 - Traded armor18 for pokedex45 with orlandogirl; traded noble03 for judgment13 with illeistic
01.17.08 - Traded hikikomori13 for pokedex25 with kaorien; traded souen25 for freak13 with stuffedpanda (245); traded cynic15, flute16 for pokedex05, pokedex18 with biases
01.18.08 - Traded jailbait16 for alien03 with warwolves; traded shoulder04 for freak05, freak06 with itsplashes; traded thorn05 for souen22 with wingdance (250)
01.19.08 - Traded freak05 for clow50 with resonancy; traded bomb01, crow11 for souen20, souen31 with inquisitorial; traded shoulder01, shoulder08 for loyal17, freak16, freak20, souen28 with mmrobitussin (255); traded white19 for heist10 with enacting
01.20.08 - Traded cat05 for alien04 with enacting; traded coffee12, snake02 for judgment19, pokedex97 with biases; traded archer10 for alien20 with hitomik
01.21.08 - Traded ceo08 for judgment08 with mmrobitussin (260); traded gemini14 for pokedex20 with eeveelyn
01.22.08 - traded split01, slacker07 for alien02, pokedex09 with rashiea; traded kyrios13 for pokedex03 with cruxis
01.23.08 - Traded puzzle01 for boots06 with hitomik (265); traded solar02 for pokedex93 with rashiea
01.24.08 - traded gemini19 for freak08 with stuffedpanda
01.26.08 - Traded clow25 for loyal18, loyal20 with illeistic; traded magician01 for alien16 with losers_day; traded heartless05 for clow13 with implication (270)
01.29.08 - Traded coffee17 for clow16 with biases
01.30.08 - Traded clow05 for freak02 with whitelilies22; traded resist14 for freak18 with kaurin; traded exorcist03 for judgment20 with rashiea; traded white04 for freak12 with biases (275)
02.01.08 - Traded disney01 for freak17, heist04 with cori_finn
02.04.08 - Traded 9000_03 for love10, love17 with orlandogirl; traded ougi12 for queen04, queen05 with a745
02.05.08 - Traded camorra19 for clow14 with stuffedpanda (280); traded revenge18, revenge19 for alien04, love03 with implication; traded right08, writer09 for clow45, queen14 with sumeragi_sei
02.10.08 - Traded fiance03 for clow02 with akivaria_chan (285); traded west19 for love02 with illeistic; traded nya20 for love20 with hitomik; traded staff event card for clow31, clow38, shoulder07 with illeistic
02.12.08 - Traded wings15 for loyal04 with rashiea; traded zero10 for pokedex47 with stuffedpanda; traded summon20 for queen16 with warwolves (290)
02.13.08 - Traded plan05, plan07, queen01, unwanted20 for alien17, pokedex24, pokedex32, pokedex117 with illeistic; traded peace20 for alien14 with stuffedpanda (295)
02.14.08 - traded berry05 for judgment03 with biases