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tcg_exchange card post

Give me all your dreams and clow cards, guys! 8D Also collecting queen and love, and...other random things of some sort.

My internet kind of sucks, plus I have to put lj through proxy servers because of my country's internet blocks, so I don't stalk pages the way some of you guys can. Therefore, stalk my page instead or whatnot. XD

[Name] DS
[Level] 7
[Cards] 494 [+37] (+13 certs)
[Trades] 324
[Contributions] 161
[Event Cards] 16
Hover over to see what they're collecting and hopefully those decks listed'll be recent enough. Comment to be added :D

curse, rekka, hosts; chopin ashes, lost, lunar, book; archer, pokedex, fashion, and a billion other things :D logic, iris, lost; revenge, kibouhou ruffles, witch, rekka, souen, shoulder; knight, loyal, branch, and still many more things :D
lolicon, pyro, gene, logic; nano, plushie, lynx bang, branch, willow, honey colonel, otaku, right, hostess gekidasa, lots of pot decks kendama, ruins, all talesof decks possess, rain; sword, empathy, pride flame, justice, logic, magician; bang, jailbait dog, blood; persocom, puppet, dragon, kibouhou, knight unwanted, abyssinian, chopin, prodigy; sleep, siberian, boots, flute resist, cat, 13th; pyro, horse, bomb, chaos

Mastered decks are here.



* 11


05 06 07 08
09 11
13 14 15 16




01 02
05 06 08
09 10 12
13 15 16


03 04
06 07 08 09
11 12
17 20
21 22 25
26 27 28 29 30
32 33 34 35
37 39 40
41 42 44
46 47 48 49

First of all, the policy regarding these is: NOT FOR GRABS. Sorry. I've gotten too many offers for future deck cards when I've plainly stated that they're, well, not available. Treat them like current decks. If I do trade them, I'll be coming to you instead.

shift, hat, dreams, loyal, alien, judgment, shoulder. Oh, and yes, collecting pokedex as well (but with the new decks, this is lower priority 'cause I really want those more, just so you know D:). Because I can't resist the memories of that game, wut. D: XD; Event cards are interesting too.

In the far far future, which I'm not actively looking for right now, probably won't accept in a trade, etc...right, boots.

Simply because I know the series and like the character or am hmmm'ing about it, but I'm not 100% averse to trading these if you really want. (Er, Lyn and Kent - rekka03 and 18 - stay with me no matter what, though. Actually, all the rekka cards, I change my mind. 8D)

Do not offer me any of these cards. It'll be an instant no trade. Sorry for not having made this clear earlier.

Mastered event sets:


Not for trade:

x11 x1 x1 x11 x1

x4 x2

Easily tradeable:


Very tradable since I'm keen on no-cert masteries, so name your offer! Also will cash in certs for trades, so if you have something I want, feel free to ask.

x0 x0 x0 x1

Comment with an offer or link :D

Special cards (worth two normal cards):

Cards on hold. Might be a message if you hover.


Activity Log

(past logs are here.)

02.18.08 - Prize Claim: voting @ ouran_lims, got cherry12, jailbait04, nya01; Prize Claim: voting @ talesof_battle, got kansai06, manager15, producer01 | dragon06, saiyan16, unwanted07; Prize Claim: voting @ icon_tournament, got queen20, angel07, dark09, shuusaku09 (140); Prize Claim: voting @ banner_contest, got clown08, 8th18 | 9000_06, magic06; Prize Claim: voting @ banner_contest, got manager17, objection13; Prize Claim: voting @ banner_contest, got book07, kaiser08; Prize Claim: voting @ hc_icontest, got trumpet01 | sleep01 (145); Prize Claim: voting @ hc_icontest, got design11
02.20.08 - Prize Claim: submissions x 1, first place @ seed_chorus, got hat02, rekka12, cherry06, manager06; Prize Claim: voting @ kkm_itest, got love01; Prize Claim: submissions x 1, voting @ seed_chorus, got crossover15, hat05 | silver13 (150)
02.23.08 - Prize Claim: voting @ game_abc, got wishes20; Prize Claim: voting @ game_abc, got inferno11
02.25.08 - Prize Claim: voting @ la_corda_hush, got chaos04 | half02; Prize Claim: voting @ la_corda_hush, got ice13 (155); Prize Claim: voting @ la_corda_hush, got hat14; Prize Claim: voting @ faicontest, got axeman05; Prize Claim: voting @ kkm_itest, got sketch05
02.28.08 - Prize Claim: submissions x 2, first place, second place @ talesof_awards, got dreams17, hyotei16, shift02 | deceit07, disney06, silver16; Prize Claim: voting @ icon_tournament, got queen15, dark03, knowledge10, ruins16 (160); Prize Claim: voting @ game_abc, got saiyan06
03.01.08 - Certificate Exchange, exchanged 1 rank A certificate for candy07, candy08, jagan01

Trade Log

(past logs are here.)

02.16.08 - Traded pokedex113, pokedex143 for clow23 with warwolves; traded rekka22 for clow15 with stuffedpanda; gifted shift19 by biases
02.20.08 - Traded fiance02, fiance14, nya01 for shoulder02, love12 with akivaria_chan (299-300); traded balls event card for clow10, hat01 with takarou; traded angel07, manager06, manager15, manager17 for dreams04, judgment10, pokedex44, pokedex48 with akivaria_chan (302-305)
02.21.08 - Traded hat01, hat02, sleep01, two milkchoco event cards for dreams11, pokedex34, pokedex38, pokedex92, shift14, staff event card with biases (306-310); traded producer01, trumpet01 for ultraball event card with rashiea; received queen06 from warwolves to complete a trade; traded unwanted07 for pokedex113 with blowsquirt
02.22.08 - Traded noble11 for queen02 with mmrobitussin; traded 8th18 for dreams07 with implication; gifted pokedex105 by biases; traded beast07 for dreams18 with napkins (315)
02.23.08 - Traded 1 milkchoco event card for rekka03 with biases; traded kansai06 for queen08, dark09 for alien07 with whitelilies22
02.26.08 - Traded gene14 for hat01 with blowsquirt
02.29.08 - Traded silver13 for pokedex95 with xx_lotus_xx; (320) traded justice05 for love18 with franchette
03.01.08 - Traded candy07, candy08, jagan01 for dreams03, dreams14, dreams19 with stuffedpanda
Tags: stuff:tcg_exchange

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