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and is it true / that devils end up like you

Yeah, ha, the day that we don’t have a typhoon? We get a typhoon day. The day that we do get a typhoon? We’re forced to go to school.

Damn you government for declaring that the winds aren’t “strong enough” to be a typhoon. Grrrrrr.

So yeah, today was not only a hectic school day, but a soaking wet day with winds of 40km/h and lots of umbrella backfiring. Fun stuff. I managed to stay up until 5:45am on the weekend – and I still got hit with insomnia, sigh – and then finished the rest of the EE the next night – again hit with insomnia and woke up thanks to the damn wind – and on the bus. 4,401 words that I’ll have to cut at least 401 words from, but otherwise, done! And though I finished P&P and didn’t mind it nearly as much as, say, House of the Spirits, or Things Fall Apart, turns out that due to some shipment issues we’ll be studying Othello first. Which we covered enough in theater, so.

…Now to focus on theater assignments and the history IA and our teacher is going to murder me tomorrow for not having done anything over the break. 8D

But yeah, being braindead is fun. I don’t have a headache from the lack of sleep, but I have that little pressing thing in my head that’s quite irritating and won’t go away.

Uh, in the meantime, icons:

{75 icons}
[20] The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi - including Gekisou concert images (001-020)
[15] Ouran Koukou Host Club - ouran_lims entries (021-035)
[15] Detective Conan (036-050)
[15] DOGS: Bullets and Carnage (051-065)
[10] Tales of Symphonia (066-075)

( you're your favorite stranger, and we all like to watch )

More to come when my life’s not so boring and my head’s not as dead. And when I, er, tackle my trigonometry calculus applications. Which shouldn’t be as bad as the logarithmic ones because logs suck ass, but…we’ll see. And EE/class/directing stories to come in the locked entries, 'cause yeah. And I should be working on math right now anyway, so.

Started getting more Tori Amos songs. At first I couldn't really get into half of them, but now that I've listened to them enough, nah, I really like her music and I'm getting used to it. Yay another awesome singer to get music from. XD
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