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Blog crews! :D

EDIT: claims are still open! Even if it's a long time from now, it doesn't matter, I'll still get to this post when I can. :D

And not just blog crews, but obscure fandom blog crews. Well, except for D.G-M and Ouran and probably Tales of Symphonia, but really. Let’s not be picky.

By the way, I have never done this before, and I’m 12 hours ahead of the eastern time zone in case you’re wondering why I’m taking so long to reply. Please bear with me. :D

So. Just comment with the character you want, then copy the spiffy coding in the text box, modify as needed, and put it in your profile to link back. What’s it for? Well, you get to proclaim your love for a certain character/fandom, and…yeah, isn’t that enough? :D

Also, biases came up with a great idea: the obscure/underrated/needs more lovin’ blog crew. Basically, claim a series that could use much more love. So yeah, series like Bleach, Ouran, Naruto, last season’s hits, etc, are out. Series like Kino’s Journey, Tsukihime, and so on are good. Just think about how many people are involved in the fandom and how much stuff goes on in it before deciding that it’s obscure.

A few ground rules, PLEASE READ:
- One character per person per series. Well, I’m wavering on FE, since there are so many of them and I doubt that we’ll get 30 people, and maybe the obscure fandoms one as well, so…after a while, come back to me on that one. >_>
- First come, first serve. Be nice, everyone.
- Link backs please.
- Comment to affiliate.
- for the obscure fandoms blog crew, factors I'm looking at are how well known it is, the size of its communities on livejournal or other places, number of hits that come up from google, how popular it is with iconists and fanfiction writers, etc. And usually, because of the popularity required to get to these points, if it was made into an anime, it's not obscure enough. If it has hundreds of chapters, usually it's not obscure enough. Feel free to debate me on this, though, and I know I don't catch every single not-obscure fandom that makes it on the list. But don't use that last point to argue that your fandom is thus obscure. 8D
- When claiming, please use the following form, and use the character’s full name (preferably surname first for Japanese names):

USERNAME: (once per comment is fine, if you’re claiming more than one thing)

Oh, and if anyone wants me to add a series/pairing blog crew, just go and ask, especially if you know I know/love said series and probably forgot it somehow. Or even if not. It's all good :D

As of now, blog crews are available for:

Obscure Fandom ♥
Fire Emblem 9/Path of Radiance
Gakuen Alice
Ouran Koukou Host Club
The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Skip Beat!
Tales of Symphonia
Witch Hunter Robin

So, go, claim!

Obscure Fandom ♥

Ai no Kusabi || cruxis
Akagami no Shirayukihime || kyfni
Anatolia Story || little_kraehe
ARIA || aetherae
Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto || light_flower
Baten Kaitos || ukefied
Boys Be || loveholic18
Cafe Ichijoji de || radiopowered
CLANNAD || orthoflame
Disgaea || grifstar
Eden's Bowy || seikochan
Fantastic Children || matsu
Fate/Stay Night || duo_aurion
Getsumen to Heiki Mina || the_firefly
GOTH || carupico
Gun X Sword || austere_flare
Homunculus || likeatruck
Juvenile Orion || mongoliabun
Karin / Chibi Vampire || nubs
Kimagure Orange Road || vizioso
Kino's Journey || darkenedsakura
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki || haruharusaku
Lagoon Engine || luxrays
Magical Starsign || spring_sonata
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro || agneauvrai
Nightmare Inspector || teatime
Penguin Revolution || angelic_ice
Pretty Face || kanthia
Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei || barnacletree
Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume || amypond
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne || legit
Silhouette Mirage || dia_aren_marie
Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna || triggerbone
Strawberry Shake Sweet || midnight_united
Tenshi ja Nai!! || biases
Togainu no Chi || stopping
Touka Gettan! || tamensei
Twin Spica || kyoy
Uninhabited Planet Survive / Mujin Wakusei Survive || tomoyoichijouji
Violinist of Hameln || marineneko
W Juliet || indirect
Waku Waku 7 || gravity_xx
Wild ARMs || glasscap
Zombie Powder || mizu_koetatsu

{ » Obscure Fandom ♥ || Series Title « }


Allen Walker × darkenedsakura
Cross Marian × resublimity
Cloud Nine × angelic_ice
Debit/David × goodnightdodger
Jasdero × kaiamara
Kanda Yuu × indirect
Komui Li × grifstar
Linali Li × little_kraehe
The Millenium Earl × shisama
Miranda Lott × vizioso
Ravi × cruxis
Rhode Kamelot × duo_aurion
River Wenhamm × septimal
Timcampi × static_roses
Tyki Mikk × antiva

{ » D.Gray-Man × Character Name « 』


Badou Nails // goodnightdodger
Bishop // stopping
Mihai // matsu
Miss Freuling // aetherae
Fuyumine Naoto // septimal
Giovanni // logically
Haine Rammsteiner // darkenedsakura
Luki // vizioso
Nill // resublimity
Noki // thunderhorse

[ » DOGS // Character Name « ]

Fire Emblem 9/Path of Radiance

Ike † airborn
Janaff † marineneko
Mist † pillowfight
Naesala † misheard
Rhys † ukefied
Soren † darkenedsakura
Stefan † duo_aurion
Tanith † spring_sonata

[ » Fire Emblem 9 † Character Name « ]

Gakuen Alice

Andou Tsubasa ¤ indirect
Azumi Yuka ¤ takarachan14
Giant Piyo ¤ zoruru
Harada Misaki ¤ meroko14
Hyuuga Aoi ¤ angelic_ice
Hyuuga Natsume ¤ darkenedsakura
Ibaragi Nobara ¤ kyfni
Imai Hotaru ¤ iceduelist
Kokoroyomi ¤ biases
Mr. Bear ¤ loveholic18
Narumi ¤ little_kraehe
Nogi Ruka ¤ kineta7
Penguin-san ¤ seikochan
Sakura Mikan ¤ austere_flare
Tobita Yuu ¤ amari_sakura

[ » Gakuen Alice ¤ Character Name « ]


Hattori Zensou ღ sour_tangerine
Hijikata Toushirou ღ darkenedsakura
Kagura ღ una_clover
Katsura Kotaro ღ barnacletree
Okita Sougo ღ indirect
Sakata Gintoki ღ biases
Sarutobi Ayame ღ the_firefly
Shimura Shinpachi ღ ukefied
Shinsuke Takasugi ღ hilian
Terakado Tsu ღ haruharusaku

[ » Gintama ღ Character Name « 』

Ouran Koukou Host Club

Fujioka Haruhi § seikochan
Fujioka "Ranka" Ryuuji § stopping
Haninozuka Mitsukuni § vizioso
Haninozuka Yasuchika § radiopowered
Hitachiin Hikaru § indirect
Hitachiin Kaoru § darkenedsakura
Hoshakuji Renge § candy_bride
Kasanoda Ritsu § austere_flare
Morinozuka Satoshi § haruharusaku
Morinozuka Takashi § aetherae
Nekozawa Kirimi § ratiosu
Nekozawa Umehito § carupico
Ootori Kyouya § septimal
Sendou Tetsuya § pandaberryjam
Suou Tamaki § biases

{ » Ouran Koukou Host Club § Character Name « }

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Asahina Mikuru ¤ nyaa
Asakura Ryouko ¤ heartwave
Computer Club Taichou ¤ aetherae
Koizumi Itsuki ¤ little_kraehe
Kyon ¤ biases
Kyon's sister ¤ austere_flare
Nagato Yuki ¤ vizioso
Suzumiya Haruhi ¤ darkenedsakura
Taniguchi ¤ static_roses
Tsuruya-san ¤ seikochan

[ » The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi ¤ Character Name « ]

Skip Beat!

Mogami Kyouko ♥ biases
Tsuruga Ren ♥ little_kraehe
Yashiro Yukihito ♥ amypond

{ » Skip Beat! ♥ Character Name « }

Tales of Symphonia

Kratos Aurion ‹‹ clarissa
Colette Brunel ‹‹ kanthia
Regal Bryant ‹‹ stopping
Presea Combatir ‹‹ duo_aurion
Forcystus ‹‹ forcystus
Sheena Fujibayashi ‹‹ darkenedsakura
Lloyd Irving ‹‹ gynophobia
Genis Sage ‹‹ goodnightdodger
Raine Sage ‹‹ greyangel
Martel ‹‹ spring_sonata
Mithos Yggdrasill ‹‹ complaining
Seles Wilder ‹‹ luxrays
Yuan ‹‹ nyazers
Zelos Wilder ‹‹ cruxis

[ » Tales of Symphonia ‹‹ Character Name « ]

Witch Hunter Robin

Amon // tripping_fruit
Karasuma Miho // darkenedsakura
Robin Sena // little_kraehe
Shohei Hattori // biases
Shunji Nagira // aft3rglow

[ » Witch Hunter Robin // Character Name « ]

Thanks and enjoy! :D
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