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Picspam - DOGS: Bullets and Carnage. Because the manga is so damn gorgeous.

Instead of working enough on my essay, what I’ve been doing in the past two days is checking out more series. Because I’m weak-willed, okay. D: And because…well. DOGS is an amazing series, and. Yes. It’s distracting and so very shiny. >_>

Picspam post! You guys know I never make them, so…here, have maybe 12 DOGS manga images. :D Though, my layout makes this a bit of a pain…hm, oh well. You might have to scroll down a lot to get to the images, because of my sidebar.

So. The series. There’s one volume with 4 parts that introduces all 4 main characters, then Hardcore Twins, a short chapter or so that introduces two…really scary twins, then DOGS – Bullets and Carnage, which is the series that’s ongoing right now. And DOGS… It’s a bit complicated. If you familiar with things like Sin City, a lot of those comics, etc, you’ll get the whole shady universe thing. Basically, there’s a lot of guns, some katanas, fighting, blood, more fighting, rumors of an underground where people are ‘put to pasture’ where children are brought up to be fighters with enhancements, people who can regenerate, and…hm, lots of stuff. Stuff.

Anyway, that’s not quite as important. Haine. And Naoto and Badou. But mostly Haine. All you need to know. First, the main cast:

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From left to right. The older guy’s Mihai, an assassin that’s supposed to be dead and was involved in some gang things, letting him meet the boy who was like a son to him…who killed the woman he loved.

Next, Haine Rammsteiner. Who has quite the angsty past, and due to an incident where he went berserk and killed his sister, hates women and just can’t be around them. He’s a lethal fighter/killer, and oh yeah, he’s one of those people who can regenerate. Lethal and so good looking D: . He was one of those in the underground, and he’s still dragging his past along with him up here. He also has a certain scar on his neck, and a certain ‘black dog’ inside of him. The manga’s currently dancing around the topic right now, but info should be forthcoming soon.

Then Naoto, who’s later Fuyumine Naoto. She can’t even remember the faces of her parents, as the shock of her near-death experience made her lose most of her memory. She just knows that one night, the three of them were running away from something – only to run into a katana wielder that slashed through all of them and left her with a huge cross-shaped scar over her chest and almost killed her too. She’s saved by the guy that killed her, and constantly trains for her revenge. Until one day, someone kills him first, and then she finds out some other truths.

Finally, Badou, who’s…humorous. That’s one way to say it. He’s constantly smoking and seems like a bit of a cowardly wimp, but if he’s out of nicotine for too long, he goes berserk and becomes a machine gun-wielding killing machine. Also, he’s Haine’s partner for various jobs.

…And no, they are not gay. >:[

Anyway, onto the artwork. Because the artwork is so gorgeous. All of the characters look great, the backgrounds are just as great, and the anatomy is flawless. Miwa Shirow’s amazing. It was so hard to pick just several (re: 11) images to show. ;_;

First, see Haine. See Haine kill. Two guns and a chain? Freaking awesome.

See Haine regenerate right after he gets shot. His enemies are then scared shitless. :D

This is Nill. Yes, she has real wings. In the series, there are also pig-men, cat children, and so on. There was an age of genetic manipulation, and Nill’s one of that age’s relics. She’s the only woman that Haine can stand to be around. He completely freezes up when other women get close or touch him, and starts to go crazy, but it’s okay with Nill. Oh, and have some Haine angst too.

This is in chapter one of Bullets and Carnage. One of those flash brush-by moments. Naoto. Haine. Much hintage ensues. I mean, about how they and their pasts and what they’re seeking are intertwined, but we can go further than that. >_>

Oh yeah, Naoto. By the way, she can fight. She’s lightning fast. And no guys are going to push her around.

And finally, in chapter 11 (yeah, I’ve skipped 9 chapters)…they meet! And they even got two whole pages to this one moment. Before this, their images would constantly be compared even when they’d never seen each other, so yeah, the mangaka’s really milking this. :D

Proof that Badou and Haine are not gay together mnkay :[ I laughed so damn hard at this part.

…I love Haine and Badou. They can be so evil. :D (Meanwhile, in the background, Naoto’s all exasperated and “are you two really negotiators (their current job atm)??”)

The freakish twins from Hardcore Twins find Haine, and then Naoto. They do the regenerating thing too, by the way. In the meantime, Badou had a nicotine crisis, Haine kicked him out of the way, and then he and Naoto combined their gun and sword tactics. :D

Look at all the eye contact and hot hot art.

So yeah, that’s all I have right now. I think 20 chapters are out, and I’m waiting anxiously for more. The problem is that they take forever to get out and then scanlated, and the chapters themselves can be as short as 10 pages and as long as 31. At the moment, Naoto and Haine are getting along a bit better, though in that fight they were constantly conflicting. Ah, my canon senses are tingling.

Unfortunately, all of the (rare) fic is slash right now. So, yeah. I think the series is currently a hit with iconmakers because the art is just so gorgeous, too. The story looks like it’ll get quite a ways, and, yeah. You should go and read DOGS right now. dogs_manga has all the links.

…In the meantime, maybe I should get back to my essay and stop getting distracted by Haine and Naoto and rereads of the manga. Meh.
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