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[Detective Conan] [Conan/Ai] Theme set gamma #1-50

Expect some Suzumiya Haruhi fic in the next few days, as I am now in love with the series and I have a ton of writing things going on. And icons and stuff, yeah.

Fandom: Detective Conan/Meitantei Conan
Pairing: Edogawa Conan/Haibara Ai
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: PG

For the 1sentence challenge. I, erm, just realized that I've had this claim for a freaking long time, and yeah I felt a little guilty about that. So...getting it out of the way now.

01. Ring
She knew what the ring was from when he ‘clandestinely’ checked his pocket to see if it was still there, yet the great detective couldn’t figure out how she knew later that night.

02. Hero
He became one of Japan’s national heroes, but to her he was merely Kudo Shinichi, that blundering modern day Holmes; at least she could be thankful for the fact that the new heroism hadn’t gone to his head.

03. Memory
After tomorrow, he would just be another one of her bittersweet memories, but she was too busy running away to really think about it.

04. Box
The box she handed over contained everything she had lived for, toiled for, strove for during the past three years – funny how these things could fit in the encasement of a pill – and he merely accepted it with a thank you, and walked away.

05. Run
“Run, Haibara, don’t let them catch you!” he cried before he disappeared from her sight, followed by the chilling sound of silence.

06. Hurricane
“That idiot, running out in this storm to find a clue,” she muttered to herself, running after him through the swinging doors.

07. Wings
If she wanted to be melodramatic about it, “She’s an angel and I’m a fallen traitor without wings; how can I compare to her in his eyes?”

08. Cold
He offered her his jacket, but she smirked and replied that he was shivering far more violently than she was.

09. Red
The only thing better than how she looked in her wine-red dress, he decided, was the feel of her wine-drenched lips.

10. Drink
He drank himself silly with that Chinese liquor on the night that he had to decline Ran’s invitation and then saw her cry at home afterwards, leaving Haibara to ruefully deal with his hangover.

11. Midnight
“Never thought I’d actually get to do this in Times Square on New Year’s,” he smiled down at her after the end of the countdown.

12. Temptation
As he stood between her and the doorway to forever farewell, she toyed with the idea of staying instead, and almost gave in – almost.

13. View
She breaks down in front of him, and it strikes him, this revelation of who she really is after all: just a girl, just an ordinary, scared, young girl hiding behind a brilliant scientist ahead of her time.

14. Music
Conan always thought that Haibara worked in stoic silence, so when she turned around one afternoon to see his dumbfounded reaction at the loud music playing from her computer speakers, she merely smirked and went back to work.

15. Silk
Under the flickering candlelight, he thought her skin could be smooth as silk, but didn’t dare try to find out.

16. Cover
One of these days, they’re going to blow their cover, one of these days they’re going to blow it, one of these days she’s going to bring them all grief and one of these days he’s going to regret it yet she made that damn promise to him to stay (and that makes all the difference, doesn’t it?).

17. Promise
She had never personally promised him that she would finish the antidote, but she still drove herself to complete it, and he asked no questions and told her no lies.

18. Dream
When her dreams are her nightmares, Haibara prefers to get no sleep and work all morning rather than risk venturing into the hazy, dangerous depths of her subconscious again – she knows what he’d say about that, but she could never have the heart to tell him that half the time, he was the cause.

19. Candle
She doesn’t hold a candle to the older girl, she knows it; the proof is in how he sees them differently, how he sees her differently from the girl he loves.

20. Talent
“You have a real talent for making cases appear around you, don’t you,” she says, and he doesn’t deign to respond.

21. Silence
The problem, he discovered, was that when they fought, Haibara could carry a grudge for a very, very, very long time and could avoid saying a single word, so it was always up to him to break the silence.

22. Journey
Journey of a thousand miles always ends with a large step, he grinned mirthlessly as they stepped past the threshold of the Black Organization, bracing themselves.

23. Fire
Because, naturally, Haibara thought, of course it’s just like Kudo to do something stupid such as running into a burning building to save someone like her, that idiot.

24. Strength
Physical strength’s not what makes him powerful, never was even when he had it; and yet, in this moment when she’s trapped before his sight and death’s reflected in his glasses, all he can think is, why, why, why don’t I have the strength to save her?

25. Mask
She doesn’t think that she has a mask; he’d like to think that he’s the only one that can see through it.

26. Ice
Eyes like ice and a smile to match, eyes like fire and a smile that burns; he’s seen every side of her and knows she’s as powerful as a force of nature, with just as many elements in herself.

27. Fall
With every major fall comes a minor lift, she notes while watching him – and the cycle is endless, though the falls only get larger and larger.

28. Forgotten
She smirks and tells him he’ll forget her all the same anyway; years down the road when he’s back to being Shinichi and life’s supposed to be good, he can’t get her name out of his dreams.

29. Dance
The kids push them onto the dance floor and they instantly refuse – there’s Ayumi and Mitsuhiko (and oh they don’t want to deal with their reactions afterwards no they don’t) and they just…don’t…want to dance at all; that’s their line of reasoning, of course.

30. Body
Another outing with him and the kids, another dead body, always another body, she thinks; why can’t any outing the two of them go on resemble anything close to normal, ever?

31. Sacred
It only took the first three times for Kudo to learn that no meant no and that he was not welcome in the lab when she was working on his antidote, thanks.

32. Farewells
“So this is goodbye, Kudo,” she smiled, and he noticed something so beautiful and so entirely heartbreaking about it before she simply walked away for the last time – and completely out of his life.

33. World
When the world hears the news about the Black Organization’s defeat from carefully typed words penned as objectively as possible, they may know about the genius detective, but they’ll never hear the story about the young not-boy and the little never-girl and everything in between.

34. Formal
Sometimes, she still muses on it while taking his personality into consideration: why the bow tie and blue blazer look, anyway?

35. Fever
Delirious and dreaming, that’s what she must be – no other way she’s lying there with a fever of 105 and cool lips (his) pressed to her brow.

36. Laugh
She’d always expressed her amusement in other ways, so the first time that she gave more than a chuckle, it nearly startled him witless.

37. Lies
“Tell me a lie, tell me things will be all right, tell me you’ll survive,” she thinks-whispers so quietly to herself that she’s not sure if she thought-said it at all, but she already knows that whether it was a prayer or a cry, she won’t get a response – at least, not the favorable kind.

38. Forever
She’ll say that she doesn’t want to live like this (like a normal child with normal friends in a normal life) with him forever, doesn’t want this moment to be frozen in time, but she knows, she knows, she knows.

39. Overwhelmed
“Kudo – get – out,” she snapped, close to the breaking point, and the added comment of “unless you don’t want me to finish your antidote any time before you turn seventeen again and I tell those three that you’ve volunteered to marathon Kamen Yaiba with them” finally made him shift.

40. Whisper
He stands before Ran, mouth dry, heart galloping, and before he can tell her the truth about Shinichi that he’s always wanted to say, it’s as though a breeze blows into his ear her voice – “Kudo, the third option is not a suggestion; she can never know.”

41. Wait
Wait for me here and I’ll be right back, all right?” he shouts to her before vanishing into the alleyway, but he realizes in retrospect that he shouldn’t have been surprised at all to return and find that she’s vanished without a trace.

42. Talk
Wait for me, Ran, Conan (says) thinks as he runs as fast as his legs can carry him in an attempt to save her from the latest predicament; Haibara leans against the wall, arms crossed, and says (thinks) nothing at all.

43. Search
He won’t look for her if she disappears, she won’t leave without a goodbye – but she’s lied to him more than once before, and so has he.

44. Hope
Haibara doesn’t ‘hope’; hope implies that there’s a chance of it to come true, and false hope is something she has no time or heart for, any more.

45. Eclipse
It takes two to tango, but it doesn’t take the brainpower of two geniuses to foretell the tragedy that’d eclipse them if they take this any further.

46. Gravity
You never learn how heavy or weighty a burden is until you have to carry it on your back yourself; thing is, nobody told either of them that, did they.

47. Highway
Conan really, really, really did not want to ride in the car with the other three children singing their Kamen Yaiba songs along with the professor, but Haibara had just smirked at him and told him to enjoy childhood while he had it, and her glance had stayed fixed on him, and he had reddened, and how had he ended up in the vehicle again this time?

48. Unknown
There are some things better left unknown in this world – his magnetism for bodies, his utter stupidity, her morbid streak – and some things better known – her future, far away from him.

49. Lock
After this, she thinks while watching Shinichi and Ran together, after this, never again, she’s going to hide it all under lock and key and never again, ever.

50. Breathe
They say you can’t breathe without love, yet they probably didn’t know that pure oxygen itself corrodes everything it touches; Haibara looks down at his fallen body and wonders why she can still inhale and exhale, and bitterly thinks about the failures of bromides and herself.


I am so sorry that I took the claim for…erm, forever. Not claiming them again, because really, I’m sure there are many others out there who can churn out better sentences than me. Didn’t really like these ones compared to the last group that I did.

Yeah, this was supposed to be a warmup for a longer multipart project, but uhm. Ahaha, longer project? Me? Probably a bad idea…

Thanks for reading, and comments are loved :D
Tags: fandoms:detective conan, pairings:conan/ai, stuff:fanfiction, themes:1sentence, themes:themes challenges

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