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First batch icons post, and hatred of Windows.

So far, I'm just wowed by the comments I've gotten. Whoa. :O I just, you know. Something.

{180 icons}
The Nine, Tales of Symphonia, D.Gray-Man, Detective Conan, Ergo Proxy. (more info in post.)

( don't build your world around volcanoes melt you down )

I was going to post the preview of the D.G-M picture, but...haaa. You know how automatic updates just restarts your computer? Yeah, well. And my file was -saving- when it restarted. Which means...I've lost the file. I've been waiting for Rika to get online so she can send me the part that I lost, but alas, she hasn't been on. Now I really, really don't think we're going to finish.

I am going to kill Automatic Updates. There should be an option to turn that off, right? Too lazy to find it at the moment, though. aslkdjgkjg damnittttt.

Other than that, I treated myself today to not studying at all. Which means I'm screwed tomorrow, but that's okay. Watched a lot of Honey and Clover, and...I, yes. I feel like I've known these characters forever. And I love them all. Love Morita, though he took so many eps to grow on me. And damn, if the series doesn't point to Morita/Yamada. I really don't care about the love triangle involving Hagu (though ep 12 was all poor Takemoto), nor do I care for Mayama/Yamada or Mayama/Rika (aka, any of the blatant canon pairings), but yes.

...Yes, I'm watching a romance-oriented slice of life anime. I don't know how it won me over, either. And now, off to watch more and to write today's rec. Haa.
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