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[Gakuen Alice] [Tsubasa/Misaki] Key to Flying #16-20

Title: Key to Flying
Fandom: Gakuen Alice
Pairing: Andou Tsubasa/Harada Misaki
Theme: [#16-20] 16. invincible; unrivaled, 17. kHz (kilohertz), 18. "say ahh...."*, 19. red, 20. the road home
Disclaimer: Gakuen Alice doesn't belong to me.
Summary: Done for 30_kisses on lj. A guy hopelessly infatuated and a girl hopelessly oblivious. Or, thirty ways the poor boy loses out on getting a kiss. Somewhat.

Oh so late this time. Ah well, I'll make the next ones better.

( little pieces of the nothing that fall/may put your arms around me )


I, uh, ergh. I don't understand how this one came out so badly. It just...something, and. Yeah. Ahh. Damn.

I have not finished my French. Goddamn I'm screwed. And I don't think we're going to finish the Christmas picture in time, either. Sigh, I really want to, but realistically...yeah.

...I should be doing hw right now. Or studying. Uhm. Ha. Okay, going now.
Tags: fandoms:gakuen alice, fic:key to flying, pairings:tsubasa/misaki, stuff:fanfiction, themes:30_kisses, themes:themes challenges

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