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Permanent request and prompts post

Because life sucks and homework keeps piling up, I need distractions and other things to do. And Dex and I were talking about prompt and request posts and I'm going to make this one permanent.

In short: comment here with anything you'd like to see me (preferably) write (or draw; I don't have much time for that any more). Or icon, even, as long as you have the images, etc. Give me a name, a place, a prompt line a la themes communities, whatever, and I'll try to work with it as long as it's something I'm willing to do. (In other words, yami, none of your innuendo jokes.) Or give me ideas, anything to fuel my lazy taunting muses. Request as many times as you want. It's all good.

A warning: it might take me months to finish what you request. I'm stupid like that, so, uh. But I really will try. Just school and life and everything.

For fandoms I dabble in, check the list of anime/manga, TV, and games on the sidebar.

(As for the things I said I'd finish and things I promised people: yes, yes, I know. I'm sorry. They'll be done asap, too.)

(And oh, what am I getting myself into. It's all your fault, Dex. :P)

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