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09 October 2006 @ 08:56 pm
[House, M.D.] [Chase/Cameron] Theme set epsilon #1-50  
Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: Robert Chase/Allison Cameron
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: PG-13 (aka, T), probably. Spoilers for 2x07 Hunting, 2x08 The Mistake, and 2x24 No Reason.

For the 1sentence challenge. Yeah, starting down that slippery slope towards dabbling in TV fandoms. Oh noes. D: And can't believe it took me this long to post. Oh well. And only (29. Safe) has spoilers for the finale, if that worries you.

01. Motion
They go through all the motions of being two colleagues and nothing more, but they definitely are not fooling anyone at their workplace – especially not House or the nurses.

02. Cool
Calm and cool and collected, all the time, she thought of him, until the first time they had drinks after work and the alcohol loosened his tongue.

03. Young
Young but not crazily in love, she thinks, just something emptier like apathy and lust.

04. Last
Every time he says that it will be the last time, but then she calls him at night soon after and he’s driving to her place yet again before he even notices.

05. Wrong
“You’re wrong, it’s not lupus, it’s never lupus,” he sighs, but she just glares at him, bruised haughtiness and all, and Foreman just gives him the eyebrow; however, he knows House is right, and House is always right, so why do his colleagues always doubt him in times where he needs their support the most?

06. Gentle
The kiss feels even more gentle than it actually is, because all he remembers is that incident where she pinned him against the wall.

07. One
Chase looks at House and he knows that only one of them will walk out with her, Cameron looks at them both and wonders if she has to go with either of them at all; House, on the other hand, looks at them both and wonders how stupid they can possibly be.

08. Thousand
It’s a thousand-to-one odds that they’ll make it out of this unscathed, unburned, but neither of them have really played with fire before and so they don’t know what that actually means.

09. King
“Checkmate,” Chase says triumphantly, and he watches her glare at him most amusingly (and in a kind of cute way, also) before she demands a rematch.

10. Learn
There are many things Cameron doesn’t know about Chase, but she knows she’s in trouble when the more she manages to find out about him, the more intrigued she becomes.

11. Blur
For Cameron, PPTH’s diagnostics office becomes too stagnating and she leaves; for Chase, she is the first to go in a blur of many other fellows and doctors passing through the department that he’ll never walk away from.

12. Wait
He can’t and shouldn’t wait for her any more because it’ll never happen, and calls his Friday night date instead to make sure she’ll show up.

13. Change
“Got any loose change?” he asks her, and when he pops the coins into the vending machine and gets her the type of candy bar she likes the most in addition to his chocolate, she smiles.

14. Command
“Command and conquer, troops,” House said grandly, “and for you two, I mean divide,” he shot at Chase and Cameron, who glared and perhaps even reddened.

15. Hold
He holds her, really holds her, buries his head in her neck and her hair, and it’s more about a connection and she doesn’t know what to give to reassure him, and then his arms relax and the moment passes.

16. Need
He doesn’t need her any more than she needs this, is what he’d like to think, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s caught up in this never-ending cycle of mistakes and mistakes and love-lust without meaning, and he needs to forget that fact as well.

17. Vision
If she turns ever so slightly enough that Chase appears in her peripheral line of sight, she knows she’ll see him looking in her direction, and the thought makes her futilely focus on her work.

18. Attention
Chase has his attention on Cameron has her attention on House has his attention on the white board while inwardly smirking at the two and unconsciously contemplating ways to make them splutter, and Foreman looks at them all and wonders how, how, how did the Diagnostics department turn into this mini drama sitcom, and how did he get in it anyway?

19. Soul
Damnation’s a funny thing, because there’s what happened with his mother and father and Cameron as well and Chase isn’t sure if he’s stuck in purgatory or a deeper level of hell.

20. Picture
Neither of them bother to picture what the future would be like beyond tomorrow; she’s learned that eternal things like marriage can’t be taken for granted, and he’s learned that when things he never expects to be there disappear for good, it’s not quite the same.

21. Fool
Chase might’ve been the only one in diagnostics to fuck up so much and it might’ve screwed him over with more than just his job, but as he watched House and Cameron shooting discreet glares at each other in their little battle, he felt like they were more foolish than he was for once.

22. Mad
There’s a point where you’re completely aware right before you tip over into insanity and never come back; she’s just not sure if this is that moment right before, or if the last one was, or the last time, or the last mistake, or the last rendezvous with him and she’s been crazy all this time.

23. Child
She could hardly look at him after that incident with Andie, which completely baffled him to no end; it was just a kiss for a dying girl, so what was the big deal?

24. Now
Cameron could blame her actions on the fact that she’s choosing to live in the now rather than what might and might never be – she’s used that excuse many times in the past because it was more than convenient, but while it justifies her marriage and her dead husband, she’s not sure if it can ever justify whatever she and Chase have now.

25. Shadow
He can see her – around every corner, in exam room one, walking in the parking garage, sitting in the diagnostics room with the blinds three-quarters shut, and then when he closes his eyes she’s there too, and he knows this is a problem and it’s all gone just too far.

26. Goodbye
He doesn’t say goodbye, she doesn’t say see you later; they see each other the next morning and all they do is nod.

27. Hide
They could live one of those lives of normalcy, she tells herself, one of the ones with the house and the cars, and if they wanted to go there, the two kids and the white picket fence; they really maybe one day could and it’d even be kind of nice, she adds to the picture when she’s had one glass too many.

28. Fortune
Cameron didn’t think he’d bring up his father or his inheritance ever again until she heard him say after the third drink, “That’s why I lost it all…he said I’d have to go back and stay to get anything and it just wasn’t worth it in the end.”

29. Safe
Her work environment of all places is supposed to make her feel secure, despite the guy from death row and the various outbreaks and patients who cough AIDS-infected blood on her, but it’s not until the event with the gun really shakes her up and it’s up to Chase to grab her arm and remind her “Cameron, it’s House, he’ll be fine; he’s too grumpy to die anyway” to distract her from the dangers of everyday work.

30. Ghost
They meet five years later at a medical gathering, and while her coworkers are swooning over him and he’s smiling his trademark smile, she’s just reminded of a ghost of the past and all of the mistakes that just won’t leave her alone.

31. Book
She sets her glasses aside and switches off the light, turning to tell him sorry for keeping him up so late, but as she shifts the covers he’s bunched up over his head she finds that he’s already asleep.

32. Eye
Sometimes, it’s as though his eyes change color depending on the light, and it’s disconcerting for her to look into them because they always remind her of what she’s done wrong, what she’s done to him.

33. Never
“I never…” he says, then decides with a glint in his eye, “have not fallen in love with anyone until now,” and she only gapes at him with nothing coherent buzzing in her mind as he knocks back his shot in one go.

34. Sing
They sing songs of love and hate and temptation on the radio, and she finds that she’s unconsciously listening for which one sounds the most like whatever it is that she and he are like.

35. Sudden
He simply called that night and said that he couldn’t do this – whatever they were doing – any more, and after he hung up, without knowing why, she just started to cry.

36. Stop
He can’t say no to her, never could, and she knows it and used him for it but never realized until now that she could never say the same to him as well.

37. Time
Ten years from now they’ll probably be at separate ends of the earth with hardly a memory of each other, and that just makes their makeshift relationship (if you could even call it one) that much easier to accept.

38. Wash
There is no way that he can scrub the fragrance of booze and the underlying smell of blood and death out of his skin, and though he expected House to accost him in the hallway about the whole thing, she was the one who approached him with worry and a frown first.

39. Torn
There is no question about who Cameron loves; Chase thinks it’s House, House is sure it’s Chase, and everyone else knows who she slept with anyway.

40. History
Kingdoms topple, royalty falls, countries fight, things that shouldn’t happen more than once do all the same, and Cameron knows she’s never been good with that subject anyway.

41. Power
And the worst thing about it, he thought, as he accidentally choked back too much coffee for the third time this morning because of her, was that he couldn’t even tell if she knew that she had this much power over him or not.

42. Bother
Foreman’s somewhere in the space between a friend and a colleague (she’s not sure which one she thinks is more correct), House is a boss who she’s gotten over (really she has) and is probably not a friend, but Chase is the one she’s not sure about (and she hasn’t bothered to figure it out since it’s too complicated for a simple boundary line like that).

43. God
He probably doesn’t believe in God any more and she just won’t, so it makes sense that two people without faith like them are stumbling blindly into her apartment like it’s the closest thing to belief they’ll ever reach.

44. Wall
The music’s loud and pounding and he can feel it from the wall she’s pinned him against and he knows what she’s doing, but details like this really can’t get in her way.

45. Naked
For several days afterwards she can’t look at him without remembering everything that’s under his lab coat and shirt and mismatched tie, but at least she’s stopped blushing.

46. Drive
“Come on, let’s have some fun,” he says with that grin that she just can’t deny, and he’s the one driving the car anyway; the wind’s rushing against her face blowing back her hair, and the rush of the moment’s just that intoxicating before they hit the red light.

47. Harm
They’re supposed to ‘do no harm’ and they have the medical degrees to prove it, but if that’s the truth, both of them think, then what are they doing to each other?

48. Precious
She harbors precious illusions about good and bad, right and wrong, fucking up and making it through, and after today’s nasty verbal joust with House where he tried to make those walls come down, she’s really glad that Chase is perfectly willing to leave it alone in companionable silence.

49. Hunger
“You can’t possibly be a good cook,” she says mischievously as his back’s to her, but then he brings the plates over and goes, “Maybe, but unlike you, I can use a cookbook to save my life.”

50. Believe
She can believe that this is real and good and well or she can believe that it’s nothing more than an accident waiting to happen, but despite the benefits to the first option and the drawbacks to the second, she still wonders if she’s just lost more than her faith in God.


The problem I have with my sentences is that so many of them are the same, especially since just as many draw from 2x07 Hunting. Argh.

Bah. But uhm. A lot of these were crack, obviously. And it’s more of an alternate pairing than a canon one (not as though any of the House ones are “canon”, I guess), which might explain it. Me and my strange love for these alternates lately. I laugh when I look at the ones that make Chase seem jealous or insecure. I like a few of these, actually. That surprises me.

Hope you (at least somewhat) enjoyed, and comments are wonderful things. Thanks :)
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Myst aka Katrin: spitfire; smilewynter_myst on October 9th, 2006 01:52 pm (UTC)
I love your LJ-cut text over on the 1sentence comm because Panic! is much love~

Also, the sentences are great~ I especially love #18~~~ Well done~
a regular decorated emergency.: Sakura flowerdarkenedsakura on October 9th, 2006 02:16 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah. Thank god for internet radio, because being over on this side of the world I'd never have found it. I'm addicted to this song. XD

I think I liked writing 18 the most, haha. Thanks a bunch, glad you liked them :D
bek: cameron >:(biases on October 9th, 2006 01:58 pm (UTC)
Dude, these were...these were really, really good. I didn't think I'd be much into them considering the pairing, but you've done really well with the 50 sentences prompts and I love how you've captured the different perspectives in a lot of them.

I could imagine 14 happening; 18 summed up the whole series humourously and pithily (poor Foreman); 21 made me happy for a whole different reason; 26 made perfect sense; 30 made me sad; 36 goes for Cameron and House as well, so I can understand it; 45 sounds about right and 50 is a worthy round-up that I feel has at least one allusion to House himself.

Honestly, I still can't see the pairing, apart from Hunting and some burning looks from Chase in season one, but I like these moments you've put together, I think they really work. It can be hard to craft such short glimpses into their lives, but you've done fantastically.

Well done!
a regular decorated emergency.: Camerondarkenedsakura on October 9th, 2006 02:31 pm (UTC)

Especially since you're the House/Cam to my Chase/Cam (XD), I'm really glad you read them and liked them. It's all, yay, you like them, people like them. And stuff. XD;

Heh, dunno what inspired me for 18, but I'm glad it came out the way it did. And hey, poor Foreman, but there are benefits for him with not being roped up in the office romances/attractions. Or something. And haha, you finding House/Cam things in these sentences. :P

I can't help but wonder if the burning looks were more of their actual relationship (the actors), but I'll take them as is. Chase needs so much more love, anyway.

merlin7: photoshopjunkie Aclarkangel on October 9th, 2006 05:46 pm (UTC)
I think these are terrific and that pretty much all of them could fit Chase/Cam at some given moment in the past 2 years. Well done.
a regular decorated emergency.: House - :)darkenedsakura on October 11th, 2006 07:58 am (UTC)
Now, if only we could get more Chase/Cam moments. Damnit, writers. Ah well.

Thanks, glad they worked :)
paperflowered on October 9th, 2006 10:06 pm (UTC)
Just wanted to drop by and let you know how much I enjoyed these. Favorites: 22, 25, 40, and 50. Nice mix of angsty despair and fluff.
a regular decorated emergency.: Samdarkenedsakura on October 11th, 2006 08:00 am (UTC)
Most of the best Chase/Cam stuff is angst, so it's good to get some variety, haha. Thanks!
housecameronfan on October 10th, 2006 12:16 am (UTC)
Very good!
a regular decorated emergency.: Inara - :)darkenedsakura on October 11th, 2006 08:01 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading :D
Liv.darkmagic_luvr on October 10th, 2006 12:37 am (UTC)
i liked them. my favorite was 18 and beyond, you seem to get the feel for them and your rythem once you reached Attention.

a regular decorated emergency.: Inaradarkenedsakura on October 11th, 2006 08:02 am (UTC)
Yeah, I gotta say, it was hard getting the feel for writing something for a TV fandom at first. Glad that they all smoothed out later on. Thanks!
Sophiesarahsoph on October 10th, 2006 07:21 am (UTC)
I very much enjoyed reading this, especially considering I suddenly found myself in the mood for some Chase/Cameron fic.

Very well done.
a regular decorated emergency.: House - Camerondarkenedsakura on October 11th, 2006 08:04 am (UTC)
I find it really hard to find Chase/Cam fic, and good stuff at that since not that many people are into it, so I'm glad that you enjoyed this. Thank you :)
(Deleted comment)
a regular decorated emergency.: Chasedarkenedsakura on October 11th, 2006 08:07 am (UTC)
I guess in House, the whole "do no harm" idea can be worked with in many different ways. It's pretty interesting, especially considering the cast.

Thanks for reading :D
Amanda: House - Chase // cakedemonlea724 on October 11th, 2006 02:34 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed reading these! Some of them could even be used as prompts for other stories, methinks. My favorite is #11: Blur.
a regular decorated emergency.: House - :)darkenedsakura on October 11th, 2006 02:36 pm (UTC)
Maybe one day I'll take some of these and expand on them. Not sure, I'll have to see if the muse will actually spit out some writing. *laughs* Thanks!
羅殺女rasetsunyo on October 12th, 2006 06:06 am (UTC)
The first... three are a little weak, I think, but after that you really get into stride. The amazing thing is you actually make me believe Chase/Cameron is possible, which I gotta give you major props for.

House, on the other hand, looks at them both and wonders how stupid they can possibly be.
lol so true.

I like #42 Bother. *thumbs up*
a regular decorated emergency.: Chase (again.)darkenedsakura on October 12th, 2006 08:10 am (UTC)
I actually liked #3 a lot compared to some of the others, but I was heavily inspired by another fic when I wrote half of these, so who knows. Yeah, I dislike the first and the second one too, coincidentally. XD

That reminds me, I keep forgetting to post my little tirade on 3x01-3x04. Grr. One of these days. I dunno, I feel like all the 'nuances' and even major plot points are completely useless and meaningless, and it irks me. Plus the weird Cameron and Chase thing. Actually, everyone except House seems to get mangled a bit by the writers, wtf.

But anyway. I'm glad you thought they were plausible because the pairing definitely is XD. There's a ton of great fic we recced (I, rather, since Dex does all the House/Cam stuff) on Chase/Cam, so if you want to check out much better writing if you haven't already, yeah. But thanks again :D (guh, maybe I'll have more time tonight and I might actually be on MSN)