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[Detective Conan] [ConanAi] Theme set delta #1-50

Fandom: Detective Conan/Meitantei Conan
Pairing: Edogawa Conan/Haibara Ai
Theme set: Delta
Rating: PG/PG-13 (aka K+/T)

For the 1sentence challenge. I actually finished this weeks ago, before I first claimed it, but...I was lazy and didn't post? Something like that. Reclaiming this for another set anyway. Fell asleep yesterday because the beginning of school is just too tiring and I shouldn't rant any more, so I'm finally posting tonight. Whoops.

Refresher for my fl: There are two teenagers, Kudo Shinichi and Mouri Ran. They like each other but are stupid about it (aka, neither of them knows the other's feelings). Shinichi is poisoned by the Black Organization, which shrinks him into Conan. Later he meets Haibara Ai (Miyano Shiho), who also shrank because of the drug. She was the one who made it and later ran from the organization, and that's where they are. Yes, this is somewhat of an alternate pairing. Bah, I say.

01. Air
She was used to his presence like the air that she breathed in, and despite the fact that they would never get any closer than this, she liked it.

02. Apples
She knew that if she partook of fruit from the tree of knowledge’s drug, she’d die, but at least she’d die knowing instead of living alone forever – besides, the fruit would be delicious.

03. Beginning
From the beginning, he knew that she was going to cause all sorts of problems in his life, but he hadn’t foreseen the spontaneity and spice she’d bring as well.

04. Bugs
Haibara told him that it was suicide to try planting that bug in Gin’s car, and he inwardly knew it would probably fail, but as long as it was a chance to restore themselves it was all right.

05. Coffee
He commented in passing that drinking that much coffee while in her eight-year-old body was sure to kill her soon, but was silenced when she shot back that it was all for creating the antidote, for him.

06. Dark
In the dark, all of his treacherous thoughts came to light about love and life and her, not the other girl, and though Haibara herself knew he would never be with her despite the words he could not stop from pouring out, she immersed herself in the beautiful impossibilities he hinted at anyway.

07. Despair
Conan thought despair would be never being seventeen with Ran again, but the second time around with Haibara at his side, he decided that it wasn’t all that bad after all.

08. Doors
The oaken doors slammed shut behind them, and they both knew that they were in this final endeavor to the very end, for better or worse.

09. Drink
His grins, his success, his awkward reactions to her spontaneous actions – she drank them all up and stored them deep inside where she thought she might have a heart for him, all while keeping it to herself.

10. Duty
It was Conan’s duty to be faithful to Ran, and it was Haibara’s duty to make sure he could get back to her, nothing more, nothing less, no matter how much the fact seemed to burn when she truly thought about it.

11. Earth
He had chased the Black Organization to the ends of the earth and back, but he only noticed that she was at his side the entire time when it was too late.

12. End
The antidote was complete, the organization was decimated, and this was the end of their relationship as it was, she knew, but she handed him the tiny pill anyway; so much for being selfish as she had planned.

13. Fall
The fall would have killed her, but he grabbed her hand.

14. Fire
Play with fire and you get burned, she warned him as he leaned closer, but when had he ever listened to her, anyway?

15. Flexible
Her resolve had always been as hard as rock, yet he managed to bend it to his will all the same while leaving his words of wisdom echoing in her mind.

16. Flying
The fear of a bird was to be shot down while in the air; she was the bird, the Black Organization was the bullet, and he was her wings.

17. Food
As Conan believed and knew to be true, Haibara always gave him too much to chew on.

18. Foot
As she smirked and walked away, one-upping him for the 85th time compared to his paltry 37, Conan wondered when he’d stop sticking his foot into his mouth.

19. Grave
Ran walked away from the cemetery, turning her red-rimmed eyes away from the side-by-side gravestones marked ‘Kudo Shinichi; Edogawa Conan,’ and ‘Shiho Miyano; Haibara Ai.’

20. Green
They were both inexperienced and awkward with it, but it was a kiss all the same.

21. Head
“Use your head, Kudo, and not just with a soccer ball,” she smirked as he scowled furiously at her, rummaging through his brain for a witty comeback that could measure up.

22. Hollow
Not even he would be able to fill the hole inside of her; the successful antidote she created assured it.

23. Honor
Shinichi’s honor would make him keep his promise to Ran, but Conan’s heart would always stay in the way.

24. Hope
There were two things that would destroy Haibara: being forbidden from what she wanted the most forever, and getting what she always desired above all else.

25. Light
As he smiled at her annoyed, befuddled look of ‘why are you wasting time on someone like me when you have her already, Kudo?’, he reminded her that the burden was lighter and easier to bear when it was shared with someone else.

26. Lost
She would never think something as sappy, corny, and ridiculous as ‘I was lost, and he found me’, but that little smirk of his was determined to change her mind.

27. Metal
The only sounds that played over and over in her mind like a broken record were the gun, his cry, and her silence.

28. New
Swallowing APTX-4869 gave her a new chance at life, while being forced to swallow the same drug marred his forever.

29. Old
When Conan – Shinichi – would grow to be old and gray, Haibara knew that she would not end up being the one next to him in the worn mahogany rocking chair.

30. Peace
Kudo Shinichi hadn’t meant to fight for world peace, but as Miyano Shiho reflected, it was funny how things always turned out.

31. Poison
He was like poisoned ambrosia, giving her those little slices of happiness while cruelly reminding her that at the end of it all, the whole thing wouldn’t be hers to have.

32. Pretty
If Conan gaped any wider at how she was dressed up, Haibara thought, his eyes could potentially fall out of his head, and she would be too amused to find a cure for that problem.

33. Rain
She liked how the shadows running along the window flickered across their countenances, a shifting cover that hid their secret embraces in the dark.

34. Regret
Part of her asked if she had ever regretted helping Kudo all this way while knowing what the outcome would be, and the rest of her replied, not at all.

35. Roses
She smirked when he, blushing, handed her a red rose on Valentine’s, and she deftly taught him a lesson in what kind of thing a girl would appreciate more.

36. Secret
It was an unspoken agreement that the older girl would never know.

37. Snakes
Despite his pledges and promises of protection, Haibara could hear the snake simpering in her ear every day, and wondered when she’d succumb to its traitorous whispers.

38. Snow
He was tired of her sitting on the porch morbidly contemplating snowflakes in dark metaphors, so he quickly pulled her to the ground and taught her how to make a snow angel, eventually rewarded by a smile that was not waxing shadowed poetics.

39. Solid
She was so close that it was almost tangible, almost within her grasp, yet the solution that she so needed dissipated upon her touch like a teasing fog.

40. Spring
“Funny how a seventeen-year-old genius detective like you always jumps in the air because of a jack-in-the-box,” she smirked, as he glared at her with all the bruised dignity a seven-year-old’s face could muster.

41. Stable
Even on a sturdy, stable surface, everything at the top will fall if their foundations aren’t set up properly, so you can’t rush, she warned him, and for once he got the message.

42. Strange
“Strange, you’re not going to take it and go see her?” Haibara asked, and he nervously fumbled with the antidote in his hand before he approached her instead.

43. Summer
“You should enjoy it with the rest of us,” Ayumi grinned at her as seagulls flew by overhead, and then Conan grabbed her hand and they were off running to meet the tide.

44. Taboo
The one thing that he could not bring up to Haibara no matter what, he learned, was the future and what would become of her after the end of everything.

45. Ugly
Her very own modern day Holmes had looked into the sinister, Medusa-like face of the Black Organization and cut it down anyway; she finally started to breathe again when she found out he hadn’t been petrified.

46. War
Who had ever heard of a war that lasted for so many years, he used to think, until his life’s struggle bitterly became one.

47. Water
You can’t stand against the rush of the world, she knew, but he was always one to fight against the flow while she was at his side.

48. Welcome
“Welcome to the family!” Yukiko cried as she crushed Haibara in an enormous hug, while Yuusaku merely patted his son on the shoulder proudly – and gently.

49. Winter
The thought of what the Black Organization would do to her and Conan should it ever get its hands on them chilled her more than a December night ever could.

50. Wood
He rolled his eyes at the sentiment, but tucked the protective talisman she swung in front of his nose while smirking into his pocket with a smile anyway.


Naturally, my favorites are the shortest ones. Wish I could’ve worked more dialogue in, but doing so would invite horrible mangled run-on sentences with three semicolons and dashes in each of them, so yes.

But really, working with ConanAi for a challenge like this is perfect. The sentence restriction lets you put in only so much, but if you put in the right kind of thing, the meanings are double and triple-layered. And that’s the kind of thing I enjoy greatly, to the “argh no why” of others.

But yes, this was a warm-up to a larger DC fic that I’m planning and scribbling out, which won’t be posted for…er, forever. And claiming another challenge for something I swore I'd never write... But yes.

And comments are good. :O
Tags: fandoms:detective conan, pairings:conan/ai, stuff:fanfiction, themes:1sentence, themes:themes challenges

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