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Manga chronology - Detective Conan chapters 204-302

Posted sooner than expected because people in the Detective Conan community asked for it. Explanations of symbols, bolding, and italics in the first chronology. And in this batch, we get various introductions - namely, the hilarious police group with Takagi, Satou, and Shiratori.

The quick summary of this chronology: these chapters are all practically should-reads or must-reads, just so you know.

All summaries:
Chapters 001-101, plus intro and explanation
Chapters 102-203
Chapters 204-302
Chapters 303-400

Download the manga here or here, though I don't think the 2nd link works any more. Not sure, haven't checked, since they don't update their manga download links with better edits. EDIT: neither of these sites exist any more. I'm sure you all know where to get the manga by now, though. Or ask. :]

204-205-206-207: Flashback, Shin’ichi’s first time in solving a murder case [In non-flashback mode, appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Haibara, Detective Boys; Shin’ichi, Ran, Megure, and Takagi all make appearances in the flashback] {Death, high in the sky}

208-209-210: In addition to Takagi (who is truly hilarious in this chapter), introduction of (FINALLY) Satou Miwako, Takagi’s senior by two years and an investigator…who happens to be the one that Takagi likes. And who probably likes him, but…that’s another story. Also…introduction of (newly promoted) Superintendent Shiratori, the genius of their section or something like that (yeah…something like that…), who’s a funky-haired guy and the last third of the police officer love triangle. Introduction of officer Miyamoto Yumi, quite the prankster when it comes to Takagi and Satou. (Yeah, you know who I’m supporting.) [Appearance of Haibara, the Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, Takagi, Satou, Shiratori, Yumi, superintendent/captain Matsumoto; the start of the whole crazy police romance thing] {The bank manager’s wife}

211-212-213-214: One of those Heiji-arcs, highly recommended. Many hilarious moments with him and Conan, as usual. [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Hattori Heiji and Kazuha, who are visiting Tokyo, also of Megure and Takagi; closed room murder] {A visit to Tokyo}

215-216-217-218: A case parallels one that Shin’ichi’s father wrote 10 years ago, which was a manuscript stolen and never finished…but what it foreshadows…? Highly recommended read. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, brief mention of Natsue from the Hatamoto case chs 20-25, Kudou Yuusaku and Kudou Yukiko, and a very very interesting case] {The northbound train; murder from a novel}

219-220-221: (slight spoiler for arc) Introduction of Kyougoku Makoto, their high school’s karate expert and a possible love interest for Sonoko (but you know how that turns out) [Appearance of Ran, Sonoko, and of the curly-haired Yokomizu] {Deaths of the brunettes}

222-223-224: What happens when Ayumi falls asleep on Conan’s shoulder and Haibara on the other? Hilarity. [Appearance of Haibara, the Detective Boys, and Professor Agasa, who Conan uses to solve the case, and of Megure and Takagi] {The theater’s last movie}

225-226-227-228-229-230: By bringing the ‘correct’ item to a cruise ship, Conan’s trio gets a vacation. However, there’s more to the passengers than meets the eye. And, of course, near-death moments add spice to the story. [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Hattori Heiji, under the most coincidental circumstances; multi-murder mystery] {Death of the grey planner}

231-232-233: More relationship-py developments with the police. (Shiratori, you lose because of your imagination alone.) And we see…how devoted the males of the police force are to Satou. In a sense. [Appearances of Takagi, Satou, Haibara, the Detective Boys, Agasa, Shiratori, Megure] {The investigation begins}

234-235-236-237: Introduction of Dr. Araide Tomoaki, the high school doctor who pops up in places. And…a roadblock in the whole Shin’ichi/Ran thing. [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Dr. Araide, Takagi (the poor whipping boy), Megure] {Another half year}

238-239-240-241-242: Black Organization arc. (Definitely a bold.) Introduction of Chris Vineyard (in the chapter, I believe her name is Christie Vert, depending on the copy you have), an American actress. What happens to Haibara…? [Appearance of Haibara/Miyano Shiho/Sherry, the Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, Gin, Vodka, Chris Vineyard, other members of BO] {The black burial ranks; bullet from the past}

243-244-245: Funny relationship stuff between Shin’ichi and Ran, and Shin’ichi sends her a phone as a return Christmas present. [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Sonoko, Megure, Takagi, Makoto at the end] {Death on ice skates; not like the rest}

246-247-248-249-250: A very close call with death again…somehow, it’s always the girls. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Heiji, Kazuha; multi-murder case] {The spider mansion}

251-252-253-254: (Slightly spoilery comments for arc.) Ran seems to suspect Conan of being Shin’ichi, again. More relationship things involving Haibara and Ran at the very beginning…and poor Conan gets injured. (How he deals with that gunshot wound for so long is beyond me.) This leads into a very important arc, so it’s advised that you read it. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Haibara, Professor Agasa, the Detective Boys, Megure, Heiji, Kazuha] {The mistaken detectives; Of bodies and limestone caverns}

255-256-257: Story continues from last arc. Haibara with a gun aimed at Conan? And what he must do to keep his secret. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Haibara, the Detective Boys, Sonoko, Heiji, Kazuha, Dr. Araide, Megure, Takagi…and the appearance of Shin’ichi?] {Performance of the Black Knight}

258-259-260: Story directly continues from previous arcs. Shin’ichi’s back, but is it for real this time? [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Haibara, Megure, Takagi, references to Shin’ichi’s parents] {The momentary rest; antidotes and mysteries}

261-262-263: First chapter briefly connected with and concludes previous arc. [Brief appearance of Haibara, Professor Agasa, and the Detective Boys, appearance of Ran, Kogorou] {A pager friend}

264-265-266: More relationship stuff with Ran’s parents…Mouri Kogorou was the murderer? [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Kisaki Eri, the blundering inspector Keiji] {A crime and a crime; the fellowship of lawyers}

267-268-269: Police trio arc, and Satou backstory with the usual dash of much humor and more development in the Takagi/Satou relationship…and Takagi gets kidnapped? (Probably more of an italicized arc than a bold one, but...oh well.) [Appearance of Haibara, the Detective Boys, Takagi, Satou, Shiratori]

270-271-272: Introduction of Jodie-sensei, or Jodie Starling, the high school’s new American English teacher…but is that all she really is? (Though, watching her correct Megure’s English is pretty funny.) [Appearances of Ran, Jodie-sensei, Sonoko (who Conan uses to solve the case), Megure, Takagi] {Start game; death from virtual reality}

273-274-275: Uh oh…another relationship-ish thing between the kids…Mitsuhiko has a crush on Haibara, also? [Appearances of Haibara, the Detective Boys, Professor Agasa] {Enemies on the same boat; mushroom hunting}

276-277-278: Uh oh…a rumor that Shin’ichi regularly goes to the Mouri Detective Agency? [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Yokomizu, the funky-haired dude, appearances of Heiji, Kazuha, and Heiji’s mother] {The woman made of lies}

279-280-281-282-283: Previous case leads straight into this one. And again, Heiji and Kazuha find themselves in danger. Relationship-py things. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Heiji, Kazuha, cameos from the diplomat case in chapters 92-96; multi-murder mystery] {The mermaid’s curse; an arrow for long life}

284-285-286: Megure backstory, at last. Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed that was your wife… [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Sonoko, Takagi, Satou, Megure, Superintendent Matsumoto (from 78-80), mentions of Makoto] {The buried secret; death to the fashionable women}

287-288-289: Black Organization arc. Who’s the member of the Black Organization? Could it be…? Also, first appearance of Shuichi Akai, a superb marksman you’ll meet in the future. [Appearances of Haibara, Professor Agasa, the Detective Boys, Gin, Vodka, Chris Vineyard, Dr. Araide, Jodie-sensei, Shuichi Akai, Takagi, Megure, Satou, Shiratori (aka, all of the possible suspects. Fun, eh?)] {Danger signal; bus-jacking}

290-291-292: Slight lead in from the last case. Those kids are up to something about Conan and Haibara…why else would they be whispering every time the two talk? More Haibara and Conan stuff. [Appearance of Haibara, the Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, who Conan uses to solve the case] {The dog lovers}

293-294-295: Trip to Osaka, this time. A lesson learned that even heroes and idols kill. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Heiji, Kazuha] {The opening of K3}

296-297-298: Continues slightly from last arc. Amusing opening. And uh oh, looks like the police duo’s in trouble…and more developments in their relationship, as usual. [Appearances of Heiji and Kazuha at the beginning, appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Satou, Takagi, Megure] {The captive suspect’s suicide}

299-300-301-302: Introduction of Hakuba Saguru, who’s more important in the Kaitou Kid manga as the teen detective from Europe that chases him around and knows his true identity but has no proof. Yeah. I think. And…death match, or seven detectives trying to kill each other. Something like that. (Highly advised read.) [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Hakuba, Kaitou Kid] {The sunset mansion; assembly of the great detectives}

Oh a side note...arrrrgh, there are people over, it's loud, and I've lost the writing bug. aslkdjgksdjg. I need...I dunno, an energy infusion or something. Or an extended summer. Probably both. And the finished 1sentence claim will be posted...er, later this week. I like spacing out these kinds of entries, so.
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