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[Witch Hunter Robin] [Sakaki/Karasuma] Theme set beta #1-50

Fandom: Witch Hunter Robin
Pairing: Sakaki Haruto/Karasuma Miho
Theme set: Beta
Rating: PG/PG13 (aka, K+/T), probably. Some post-series sentences, no spoilers.

For the 1sentence challenge. I think I did not fall prey to the triple-semicolon-hyphen-per-sentence trap.

01. Walking
At the end of it all, she had walked forward, confronted the devil and her humanity, and walked out with him and everyone else – alive.

02. Waltz
They continued to dance around each other – and the topic – in the office, and it was only with timely intervention from Doujima that literally pushed them to a stop.

03. Wishes
“Wishes don’t win wars,” Karasuma reminds Sakaki as they crouch outside the warehouse, though inwardly she is hoping for a miracle as well.

04. Wonder
“Sometimes I wonder why they encourage us to not interact with each other so much,” Sakaki muses, and Karasuma nearly chokes.

05. Worry
Of course she worried about him; he was the one who always got injured, not her.

06. Whimsy
“Kids these days do things on a whim too much,” she sighed, and he took the opportunity to silence her with a kiss again.

07. Waste/Wasteland
After the explosion, the land was shrouded in dust and rubble, leaving her to wonder if she was the only one who had made it out.

08. Whiskey and rum
Karasuma threw caution to the wind and drank after they disappeared, but sternly warned her partner not to do the same.

09. War
“In a war between witches and humanity, which side would you take?” Sakaki asked, voice hardening, and she found that she had no answer.

10. Weddings
Their gunshots echoed throughout the cathedral, but it was the witch who crashed the wedding preparations himself.

11. Birthday
“Happy birthday,” he said, placing a package of her favorite brew of espresso next to the gifts Michael and Doujima had bought for her as well.

12. Blessing
As Sakaki would grudgingly admit to her later, the awakening of his Craft was a blessing in disguise that night.

13. Bias
“We all have our slant from having worked here in the STN-J, but though we’re all Craft-users, seeds, and humans without powers, do we have to choose from either black or white?” he demanded.

14. Burning
Karasuma watches one of the witches go up in flames and vaguely wonders if her own fate is to end that way one day.

15. Breathing
Gasping for air and clutching at her freed neck as her partner shoots the witch into oblivion, she wonders how the hunt had turned out like this.

16. Breaking
After the factory, she feels as though it will only take a touch to shatter her crafted ice sculptured-self into a million shards of glass, and unfortunately for him he is the first one to try.

17. Belief
If she doesn’t believe in this, in him, in her teammates, she will have nothing else to cling to, and then she might really lose herself in that oblivion of no return.

18. Balloon
He watches the balloon rise up, up, up, while his partner takes care of the witch that let it go.

19. Balcony
Out on her veranda one night, she swears she just saw his motorcycle whiz by.

20. Bane
If her Craft was a good thing in her life, his newfound powers were simply anathema for him.

21. Quiet
The first day Karasuma met Sakaki, she was impressed by the fact that he was so calm and quiet; Sakaki was simply amazed at the fact that he could keep his hands from shaking.

22. Quirks
“Never thought you’d be a nail biter,” she commented while downing her fifth cup of coffee.

23. Question
“If you weren’t in the STN-J, what would you want to do in life?” he asked innocently, and she found that she wasn’t quite sure.

24. Quarrel
Karasuma glared at the blonde and the brunet and their hardly veiled sniping match; one of these days, they really should get help, whether it’d be from a mediator, a matchmaker, or a team of both.

25. Quitting
Neither of them ever bothered to consider another way of life, since once SOLOMON got its hands on you, there was nowhere else you could go.

26. Jump
He leaped down from the catwalk swiftly, fluidly, almost unlike what she thought he was ever capable of, and she wondered how she had time to think about that fact as she ran to catch up.

27. Jester
“Kinda resembles you, don’t you think?” Doujima smirked as she flashed the witch’s tarot card in front of his face, and even Karasuma had to stifle a laugh as he scowled.

28. Jousting
In defending her actions she successfully parried his words, but they still cut her to the bone.

29. Jewel
The orbo sphere on her pendant glowed like an emerald, and all he thought as he knocked the witch out cold was ‘I’m so glad that I made it in time’.

30. Just
“We’re not executors of justice, or else we’d be more…just,” he muttered, and she did not bother to voice what the Devil’s advocate would.

31. Smirk
“So, when are you going to tell everyone at the office about you two?” the blonde smirked, while Karasuma only deigned to reply by rolling her eyes and sighing.

32. Sorrow
Sakaki believed that other people felt sorrier for him about his past than he felt for himself.

33. Stupidity
It was okay that the others thought he was stupid, since he never had to prove anything to her.

34. Serenade
It was almost as though the witch’s voice was calling to her, beckoning, coaxing and pulling her in and under, but then a hand closed around her wrist followed by a shout of “Get a hold of yourself,” and she opened her eyes.

35. Sarcasm
“No, really, and one day I’ll wake up and find out that I have the power to fly,” Doujima snapped at him, and promptly shrieked when he used his new powers to lift her up into the air.

36. Sordid
When Sakaki found out that Karasuma had headed over to the Walled City, he remembered the squalid alleys and the guarded faces and wondered, what the hell was she doing there?

37. Soliloquy
She found that talking to him rather than talking to herself tended to give her better solutions and answers, faster.

38. Sojourn
Taking a day off was always a good thing, she decided, as Sakaki climbed into the other side of the car, slammed the door, and they sped off.

39. Share
The first reaction Sakaki had to Karasuma informing him in the morning that SOLOMON’s stock prices fell drastically was, “wait, SOLOMON has stock?”

40. Solitary
Placing her in solitary away from the other hunters at the start of the Factory incident was probably what broke Karasuma in the first place.

41. Nowhere
“There’s nowhere to run,” she shouted, aiming her gun at the witch, and when he decided to leap towards the sky, her partner shot – carefully – downwards from the rooftop.

42. Neutral
Though neither side of witch or human was what they wanted to fight for, there was no neutral zone in this war, they both knew, so they opted for the third option that they believed in themselves – a balance.

43. Nuance
It was the little things she noticed about him that intrigued her, rather than the big picture.

44. Near
Too close for comfort, she thought as he brushed by, but the moment passed.

45. Natural
The more Karasuma thought about it, the more both of them tended to go against the formal nature of things.

46. Horizon
As they raced through the headquarters side-by-side, they knew that they were close to seeing the horizon at the end.

47. Valiant
Valiant to the end, she thought ruefully, gripping his still warm hand, and look where it got you, and look what it left me.

48. Virtuous
Karasuma smiled; Sakaki was as close to the epitome of that special combination of virtue and naivety and justice as anyone she knew, enough that it made her jaded self want to believe, too.

49. Victory
“All right, I’m gonna beat this one,” Karasuma heard him mutter just before the dismal theme of ‘sorry, you were so close’ sounded from his speakers and he started to curse.

50. Defeat
They might have to face defeat one day, but they will never be defeated.


I guess (32. Sorrow) is more from my fic verse than, well, canon, haha. In a way, (16. Breaking) is as well. And I suppose my Sakaki is a bit more…eh, mature, philosophical (?), than he was in the series. But post-ep 26 can really change a person, and he’s kind of the same in my fic, so. There are also a few of these where Sakaki’s Craft awakens, which does not happen in the series if you were wtf-ing at that. And the one about stock? Completely a wtf nonsensical moment, since ‘share’ made me think of kindergarten crap and so my mind took the opposite twist.

As for ‘soliloquy’, ‘serenade’, ‘victory’, and ‘defeat’…ooh, those were evil. Especially putting defeat right after victory. Evil, evil, evil.

Posting to the comm tomorrow, I suppose, since I am a bit too preoccupied at the moment. You guys get first glance. XD Hm, I might take up another one after this, just to keep it going while I hammer out RtV's part 6. But not Amon/Robin, though. I wouldn't be good at it. Maybe Michael/Doujima, since they're the other two left. Or maybe I'll do this pair again. Eh. And I just realized I don't have any WHR icons. Blasphemy.

Comment on what you liked, what you didn't, so on and so forth. They're appreciated, and thanks.
Tags: fandoms:witch hunter robin, pairings:sakaki/karasuma, stuff:fanfiction, themes:1sentence, themes:themes challenges

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