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[Tsukihime] Crimson Rebirth - one shot

Title: Crimson Rebirth
Characters: Arcueid Brunestud, kinda from her POV
Fandom: Shingetsutan Tsukihime/Tsukihime Lunar Legend
Summary: It was his fault that she died and had to undergo this painful regeneration process, and he would have to pay. Of course.

For those of you that know how much I love Arcueid, yeah, well, went and wrote this. Actually, wrote this ages and ages (almost a year) ago, and only posted it just now. And it's all because of Dex, since I was musing to her about how I couldn't think of an idea for Tsukihime and she said 'well, why don't you write a fic that starts with 'So this is what dying felt like,'' and it went from there.

Bah. It's a one shot. And stuff. Pokey. ( Oh well. )

Uhm, you know how I do a lot of themes challenges? Yes, well, uhm. Ha. Yes. In other words, went and signed up for more. And, uh, not just one. Two. Over at 1sentence, though, so they're not...long 50 theme challenges or anything, right? Right. 50 sentences and themes, and I'm doing more than one set, but still. Really.

I think you guys will like what I signed up for, though. One's ConanAi from Detective Conan (which I've relinquished temporarily so that someone else can post what they wrote first), and the other's Karasuma and Sakaki from WHR. I've finished the ConanAi set and started on another, and I'm halfway done with the WHR ones. I'm just stuck on 'serenade' and 'soliloquy', because they're stupid and...stupid. Yes. (The mental image of Sakaki serenading someone is kinda gah stop there.) But really, these are great warm-ups for my longer respective epics.

I just heard that ff.net does not allow you to put hyphens in your fic titles. SAY IT ISN'T SO PLZ. I had the perfect title for the ConanAi, and...and...geh. *splutter* I tried it as two separate words and together, and "Half-Life" just doesn't look good as "Half Life" or "Halflife". Geez, ff.net, don't be stupid. *grumbles* Maybe "Half life", then...

Oh, and what do you do if you've read a fic that...well, your review is a bit more of a critique, but you look at the tons of reviews and they're all extremely positive, especially where you're not, and you don't want to cause any waves, you know? I dunno. I've had this review sitting on my computer for ages, and I feel like it's doing the writer a disservice to not post, but at the same time...you know. I don't trust my judgment, either. So.
Tags: fandoms:tsukihime, stuff:fanfiction, themes:1sentence

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