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Manga chronology - Detective Conan chapters 102-203

In the neverending quest to get people to read Detective Conan, here's the 2nd manga chronology. The first one has all the introduction info and explanations of what symbols and bolding/italics mean, and so on, and the first 100 chapters as well. But in this batch, you get the introduction of my all-time favorite character. Yep, Haibara's here. :D (The hilarious police group is in the next batch, unfortunately, since they're chapter 208.)

All summaries:
Chapters 001-101, plus intro and explanation
Chapters 102-203
Chapters 204-302
Chapters 303-400

Download the manga here or here, though I don't think the 2nd link works any more. Not sure, haven't checked, since they don't update their manga download links with better edits. Speaking of which, now I have to go back and figure out which of my chapters are clean edit versions and which aren't, argh -_-

102-103-104: Kogorou appears live on TV [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Megure] {Death, live on air}

105-106-107: (Spoiler for the case) Introduction of Kisaki Eri, who happens to be none other than Ran’s mom and a hotshot lawyer to boot...with great powers of reasoning as well, more than enough to match Mouri. And thus, we learn about Ran’s family and her parents. (Meh, this scan’s quality is…yeah.) [Appearances of Ran, Kisaki Eri, Megure] {Murder in the bathroom}

108-109-110: [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Megure] {The Tengu in the mist}

111-112-113: Introduction of the voice modulating pen, which does almost the same thing as Conan’s bowtie [Appearance of the Detective Boys and Professor Agasa, brief discussion on Shin’ichi’s dad] {The professor’s treasure}

114-115-116: Brief introduction of Tequila, who…dies. Very soon. Conan finds one of the men in black, but then a murderer kills the wrong man; the Black Organization covers up their tracks very thoroughly at any cost [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Megure] {Unexpected encounter with the Black Organization}

117-118-119-120-121: Hattori Heiji comes back…and he finds out the truth about Conan?? [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Heiji; multi-murder mystery] {Murder in Mycroft}

122-123-124: Reappearance of Sonoko’s sister, and Conan uses Sonoko to solve the case…with Ran almost stopping him from using the stun watch [Appearances of Ran, Sonoko, Yokomizu] {The murderer is one of the triplets}

125-126-127: One of those cases where you know who did it, but not the method, and an amusing end with Conan and Mouri Kogorou interaction [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Megure] {The artist who committed suicide}

128-129-130: Conan gets Agasa’s help by using his voice to solve the case…which works out, mostly [Appearance of the Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, Megure] {The tragedy of the monster Gomera}

131-132-133: Overall, it’s hilarious. “Autumn is the season of love,” with all of the messed up couples. And…again, Ran gets it into her head that Conan is Shin’ichi. Not that she’s wrong, but still. [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Professor Agasa, Kisaki Eri] {The magician’s dying message}

134-135-136-137-138: Previous arc leads directly into this one, with Ran’s reasoning being thwarted yet again. Or was it? Introduction of Yamamura Keiji from Gunma who appears from time to time, admiring Mouri Kogorou (but I’m not sure you get his name…all you have to remember is that he’s a blundering inspector.) Shin’ichi’s mother…is a very interesting person. She takes off with Conan to solve a case at a friend’s invitation, and Conan uses the blundering inspector to solve the case when she refuses to cooperate. [Appearance of Ran at the beginning; appearance of Kudou Yuusaku, Kudou Yukiko, Yamamura] {The impostor and the inheritance}

139-140-141-142-143: Introduction of cell phone invention shaped like an earring. Conan, as Shin’ichi, uses Ran to solve the case? [Appearance of Ran, Sonoko, Shin’ichi in voice] {Snowed-in murder, the secrets of the teachers}

144-145-146: Somehow, I think the last page of this got cut out…hm. And looks like poor Conan can’t sing. [Appearance of the Detective Boys (…who really can’t resist their hero complexes, unfortunately), Ran, Sonoko, Megure] {Kidnapped; the singing idols}

147-148-149: Where we learn that Ran has really really really good luck, as shown by her Mahjong skills…incredibly funny and would be italicized for that reason, but yes [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Megure] {Cyanide on the thumb}

150-151-152-153: Introduction of Hattori Heizou, Heiji’s father and the head of police in Osaka. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Hattori Heiji, who now always calls Conan “Kudou”…which leads to difficulties and humor. Multi-murder mystery case, small flashback refers back to the Moonlight Sonata murders from 62-67, if you were curious about what that was] {Death of the bandaged killer?}

154-155: A pretty whimsical case with no violence or anything [Appearance of the Detective Boys] {Strange wonders of the school}

156-157-158-159: The introduction of…Kaitou Kid, the Phantom Thief known as the modern-day Arsene Lupin. (The police are cringing already.) Another parallel to Shin’ichi (as if Heiji wasn’t the only one…even his girlfriend figure resembles Ran), but you don’t learn much about him until you read the Kaitou Kid manga. Also, introduction of Inspector Nakamori Ginzou, who always chases Kaitou Kid to no avail (Who also happens to be the father of Kaitou’s love interest in the Kaitou Kid manga, not that the guy knows), and introduction of Suzuki Shirou, president of Suzuki Financial and Sonoko’s father. [Appearances of Ran, Sonoko, Kogorou, and various suspects from many cases in the past. Intro of Kaitou Kid goes straight into the robbery case] {Theft of the black pearl}

160-161-162: [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Megure] {Killed by a sound?}

163-164-165: An arc focusing on Eri and Kogorou, so therefore, more important stuff about the Mouris’ marriage. And Kogorou proves again to be not as stupid as he seems…perhaps. [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Kisaki Eri] {Poisonous snake at sea; test of the wedding ring}

166: The shortest case in the entire manga, I say. It’s a fun read, I’d recommend it. [Appearance of the Detective Boys, Megure] {Attempted murder under duress}

167-168-169: Another reason why you should never pick Ran as your hostage, though the bad guys always learn the hard way. [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou] {Treasure in the house of clocks}

170-171-172: Introduction of Takagi Wataru, who probably appeared earlier as Inspector Megure’s assistant (but…erm, I didn’t notice until now, so…yeah.), but will be more important later on. Very interesting solution to this case. [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Megure, Takagi] {Why celebrity marriages never last}

173-174-175: More on the whole Shin’ichi/Ran dynamic. [Appearance of Ran, Sonoko, Kogorou] {Shin’ichi’s first love was…? Fire in the bungalow}

176-177-178: Introduction…of Haibara Ai. (HAIBARA. Yeah, I’m done.) A kid who just joined Conan’s class, but where she lives and who she is, that’s…? And did I mention that her and Conan’s immediate dynamic is just amazing? Well, now I did. And to make matters worse, has the Black Organization realized what happened to Shin’ichi? [Appearances of the Detective Boys (from now on, Haibara is kinda a member also, but I’m putting mentions of her name separately anyway), Megure, brief shots of Gin and Vodka] {Of counterfeits and missing artists}

179-180-181: Previous case directly moves into this one, with explanation of who Haibara is – a previous member of the Black Organization who created the drug APTX-4869 that shrunk Shin’ichi, with acting skills to boot. (Actually, Haibara’s codename was/is Sherry.) Hilarious lead-in for the arc as well, and good end. [Appearance of Agasa, Yokomizu (that funky haired inspector), mentions of Miyano Akemi, who is revealed to be Haibara’s dead sister, brief shots of Gin and Vodka; closed room murder] {The girl made of lies; in search of a floppy disk}

182-183-184: Slight continuation from last chapters. The clues to the case involve understanding of Japanese phonetics and Kanji, so there are explanations for those as well. [Appearance of Haibara (only at the beginning in flashback), Ran, Kogorou, Megure, brief appearance of Heiji] {The mystery novelist’s revived story}

185-186-187-188: Introduction (at last) of Toyama Kazuha, Hattori’s childhood best friend who’s also the pseudo-girlfriend-only-not-quite (who also excels at a martial art and could kick the guy’s butt) figure for him, who immediately suspects Hattori fell in love with Ran…and stuff. (She does get over it later and they become freakishly good friends.) Also, introduction of Heiji’s family, Hattori Heizou, the head of police in Osaka, and Hattori Shizuka, Heiji’s mother, and of Kazuha’s father, Toyama Keijibuchou. [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Hattori, if you haven’t guessed, his family, Kazuha, her father; multi-murder awesome mystery that takes place in Osaka] {Stabbed through the wallet}

189-190-191: With every chapter that has Haibara in it, there are lots of little things scattered around that become important later on along with character development and humor, so…it’s a good idea to read them. :D Also, slight appearance/intro of Satou, but it’s only a slight name mention, so you’ll have to wait a bit more for her real intro. [Appearance of Haibara Ai and the Detective Boys, Megure and Takagi] {Soccer stadium; the 56,000 hostages}

192-193-194-195-196: [Appearance of Kogorou, Ran, Sonoko, who Conan uses to solve the case, Megure, also, appearance of Kaitou Kid; impossible murder scenarios/multi-murder mystery/stuck in a snowed-in villa] {The internet magic club}

197-198-199: [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Takagi and Megure, mentions of Okino Yoko] {Duct taped in}

200-201-202-203: Conan and the Professor go missing? Also, some relationship-py things with Haibara, Ayumi, and Conan [Appearance of Haibara, the Detective Boys, and Professor Agasa] {Invitation to an isolated castle}

Side note, anyone who feels like discussing ConanAi fic things with someone, please tell me. I'm still struggling through the outline of this. Actually, I'm still not sure if I'd even want to post this thing, because...uhm, forget it. Yeah. And I'm browsing ff.net and why has hardly anyone written a good ConanAi, ever? I mean, the pairing really does feel...well, don't shoot me for it, but canon plausible. I'm too tired to go into a thing over why that's true atm, though. But argh, fic. I actually can't stand most of the Shin/Ran stuff either...it's all...sickly sappy. I want something, you know, not sappy. A nice suspenseful takedown of the Black Organization could be nice, too. But, that's what I'm writing.

Doing slightly better than the other day. Slightly.
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