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[Gakuen Alice] [Tsubasa/Misaki] Key to Flying #6-10

Title: Key to Flying
Pairing: Andou Tsubasa/Harada Misaki
Fandom: Gakuen Alice
Theme: [#6-10] 6. the space between dream and reality; 7. superstar; 8. our own world; 9. dash; 10. #10
Disclaimer: Gakuen Alice doesn't belong to me.
Summary: Done for 30_kisses over on lj. A guy hopelessly infatuated and a girl hopelessly oblivious. Or, thirty ways the poor boy loses out on getting a kiss. Somewhat. [Andou Tsubasa/Harada Misaki]

These didn't come out as well as I hoped they would.

( and I'll do anything you ever/dreamed to be complete )

...Did I mention I absolutely dislike this entire batch? Well, I like 7. I hate 8 and 10, and 6 and 9 are geh. So...yay 7. Maybe the revised 8 was good, I can't remember. And I got basically no reviews for the last batch of 30_angsts, so...yay. Hm, yeah. Oh well, I guess.

HI, SO I AM BACK. Yeah. Obviously, there was no internet and we were at 3 hotels and honestly maybe a billion areas of China or at least what 8 hours of driving gets you across so wtf. No wireless, anyway. That might be the problem. So, posting this now before I get in trouble for not having updated in 2 months. And I have 520 emails, mod jobs, beta jobs, bannermaking for this week, icon contest for this week, junks and stuffs, at least 80 more entries to go (hey, I was at 160 an hour ago, so eh), and lots of things I'd like to get done, so this gets something out of the way.

However, on the trip, I finished a ton of the Tales of Symphonia drabbles and I really need to start posting, so...pleeeeease, if anyone knows the game please I need a beta. Even if you don't know canon *shifty eyes* Otherwise, I have to go over to the comms and ask for one and meh. (I'll probably just ask my fellow iconers if no one's here. XD)

The full post comes tomorrow. *dies* But overall...the vacation was...uhm. Eh, I dunno. Okay, maybe. The beginning was horrible, but the end was okay, so...it was okay. I guess. And I really need to go unpack and crap now. And somehow, everything smells weird now. That means that it either smelled horrible out there, or bad here. Probably both.
Tags: fandoms:gakuen alice, fic:key to flying, pairings:tsubasa/misaki, stuff:fanfiction, themes:30_kisses, themes:themes challenges

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