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Expressing the fact that this is a partially locked journal.

Comment to be added. Tell me how you found me. Then I'll add you back. :]

What's not locked: (some) fandom talk, fanfiction, icons, art, most memes, and all that jazz are unlocked. What is locked: rants and emo about life, photos, voiceposts, etc.

I just happen to be one of those people who learned the hard way that not locking entries can be a very annoying thing, so. Please comment here or somewhere if you want to be added back, etc. As long as you don't mind my entries - they're all rambly rants, or emo, or fandom, or ahhhhh uni, or ahhhhhh journalism, etc.

Oh, also. I'm not as scary or intimidating as some people think. D: I love getting new friends, so don't be afraid to comment! XD

EDIT: oops, sorry. Everyone already on my friends list is added, no problems. XD;;;;

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