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Manga chronology - Detective Conan chapters 001-101


So, I know a lot of you have refused to read or watch Detective Conan because…well, it’s freaking long. But just as many of you have told me that you’d be interested in the actual storyline…if you didn’t have to dig through 550+ chapters to find the ones crucial to the main plot.

And so, looks like I’ll be the one doing that for everyone.

Okay. Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan, literally "Great Detective Conan"). The premise in a nutshell...Shin'ichi is a famous up and coming high school detective, and very brilliant. He goes with his childhood friend (and crush) Ran (who has insane karate skills demonstrated in the first chapter when she punches a pole right by poor Shin'ichi) to Tropical Land, an amusement park. After solving a case, he notices two men in black making off quickly. Saying goodbye to Ran, he follows them and witnesses a shady transaction. However, one of the men in black knocks him out from behind, then makes him take a strange poison. However, Shin'ichi wakes up...to find out he's shrunk to the size of a little kid? Insanely hilarious, smart, and 9183 kinds of amazing, it's great.

Hope you can understand the strange layout of this chronology…I really need to go and fix it up somewhat, probably.

Each “arc” or case is each paragraph, and the chapters involved with those are listed at the beginning. Sorry, I don't list them according to vol/file numbers.

All chapter numbers in bold are ones that you should most definitely read if you want to follow along the main plots, which are anything to do with the Black Organization and Shin’ichi’s turning into Conan, when Ran suspects him of having turned into Conan, any important character development, introductions of new characters, objects, or inventions, stuff with Hattori Heiji and the Kaitou Kid, Haibara’s past, and all of that stuff. The Very Important Stuff so don’t you dare skip it, basically. If only some chapters per arc are bold…it’s probably a good idea to read the entire thing, too. But whichever way works.

Italics are cases that, while they might not be as important to the main plotlines…are cases that you definitely shouldn’t miss based on creative merit, character stuff and development that wasn’t as important as a bold but still good to have (that’s mostly Haibara and Conan and the Detective Boys, Takagi and Satou, Heiji and Kazuha, and Sonoko and Makoto, maybe Ran’s parents also), humor, or what have you. So read those. Most of them are the multi-murder mysteries, the trapped in a villa for the night multi-murder mysteries, or the closed room/impossible cases. So they’re all good.

The little { and } markers designate which case it is…usually the phrase is from one of the chapters in the arc. Some of the descriptions might spoil the arc, so…there’s that, too.

That’s the end of my long-winded explanation of this thing.

All summaries:
Chapters 001-101, plus intro and explanation
Chapters 102-203
Chapters 204-302
Chapters 303-400

To download the manga, go here or view them here. Erm, some of the chapters are to be read left to right, and some of the quality is pretty bad, and some are translated from Vietnamese or Chinese or other translations, but…oh well. Well, that's for the first link. Haven't checked the 2nd one. And if you use the first one, you have to use Firefox to dl the files.

I’ll make a little list of which arcs characters appear in, but until then, here’s the chronology. And don’t mind me if some of it doesn’t make sense…I’m pretty nonsensical like that.

001: Introduction of Kudou Shin’ichi, the high school detective genius, Mouri Ran, his childhood friend with killer karate abilities, Megure Juzo, the Inspector from the police force who appears in many cases, and the Black Organization (two men in black). Shinichi solves a case, goes to an amusement park with Ran and solves another case, goes to spy on men in black, and is shrunk after being forced to take a drug after witnessing a shady transaction. [Appearances of Shin’ichi, Ran, Megure] {The rollercoaster murder}

002: Introduction of Mouri Kogorou, who is Ran’s father, Professor Agasa, Shinichi’s confidante, and Shinichi’s alias, Edogawa Conan. Shinichi convinces Agasa of his identity, fools Ran, becomes Conan, starts to stay at Ran’s house, aaaaand it’s the start of the whole romance thing between Shinichi and Ran that makes his life such a pain later on. [Appearances of Ran, Professor Agasa, Kogorou] {The birth of Edogawa Conan}

003-004-005: Shinichi’s first case as Conan tagging along with Mouri Kogorou, the defunct detective [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou] {A double kidnapping}

006-007-008-009: Introduction of the Bow Tie Voice Changer…without it, Detective Conan would never be the same. Used by Conan to mimic many people’s voices for various reasons, but mostly used as Kogorou so Conan can solve cases, introduction of Okino Yoko, a famous celebrity pop star. (In 009, first time Conan uses voice changer to call Ran as Shinichi) [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Professor Agasa, Megure, Okino Yoko] {Case of murder in Yoko’s apartment}

010-011-012: Introduction of Kick-Power-Enhancing Shoes, which gives Conan more kicking power so he can actually do something in that kid body of his. Conan starts going to elementary school as a first grader. [Appearances of Professor Agasa, Ran, Kogorou, Megure] {The murderer whose alibi is apparently confirmed by Kogorou himself}

013-014-015-016: Introduction of Tracking Glasses and Tracker, the latter which can be planted somewhere and tracked using the glasses within a certain radius. Introduction of Miyano Akemi, whose death sets up events far in the future. First case with traces of the Black Organization. [Appearances of Professor Agasa, Ran, Kogorou], Miyano Akemi, Men in Black] {1 billion yen robbery case}

017-018-019: Introduction of Kojima Genta, the boy who loves to eat, Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko, a boy mature beyond his years who knows quite a bit, and Yoshida Ayumi, the sweet little girl who the other two boys like, all classmates of Conan’s who drag him out into a mystery. Also, introduction of Elastic Suspenders (file 018), which Conan uses to lift things that are far too heavy for a little boy or could use for tying up bad guys. [Appearance of Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko] {Mystery in a haunted house}

020-021-022-023-024-025: Introduction of Stun-Gun Wristwatch (file 024), which once again is something the series could never be without; used by Conan to knock out people, usually Mouri so he can use the bow tie to make his deductions without it being known that Conan was the one who figured it out. (Thankfully, Mouri’s not all that modest and will gladly take the credit.) Has only one shot. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, mentions of Professor Agasa] {Supersized multi-murder arc, case of the Hatamoto Family}

026-027-028-029: Ran first starts having suspicions about who Conan really is…and naturally, Shinichi just barely saves himself. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Professor Agasa] {The overly generous gifts}

030-031-032: [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Megure] {Case of the Armored Knight in the art museum}

033-034-035: The names of the two men in black are revealed as Gin and Vodka (but codenames are better than nothing) [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Gin, Vodka, mentions of Professor Agasa] {Case of the bomb threat on the bullet train}

036-037-038-039: Semi-formation of The Detective Boys, the detective club with Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Conan, with another close call of Conan’s with revealing his identity to Ran. [Appearance of the Detective Boys, Ran, Megure] {Case of the strange code}

040-041-042-043-044: Introduction of Suzuki Sonoko, Ran’s friend who constantly pokes fun at Shinichi (together with Ran) and who is the heir to the Suzuki family, a rich girl who’s always on the lookout for guys. First time Conan stuns Sonoko with the wristwatch, uses her to solve cases when Mouri’s not around from now on; Ran finds herself targeted by the murderer, but why? [Appearances of Ran, Sonoko; stuck in a villa for the night-esque situation] {Case of the bandaged man}

045-046-047-048: Sonoko pretends to know she is a Great Detective…making it easier yet harder for Conan to get away with using her as his voice. Conan calls Inspector Megure as Shinichi and solves the case. Another Conan/Shinichi and Ran scene at his house, with him leaving her a Christmas present…and a hilarious chase. [Appearances of Ran, Sonoko, Megure, Shin’ichi (at least, in voice)] {The dead singing idol at the karaoke}

049-050-051: (Spoiler for the case) Introduction of Kudou Yusaku, Shinichi’s father, who is a famous mystery novelist (and where Shinichi probably gets his brains from) known for creating the Night Baron character, and Kudou Yukiko, Shinichi’s mother, a gorgeous, famous actress and a master of disguise who travels around the world with Yusaku and lives abroad in the US. Conan’s “mother” comes, a trap set by the Black Organization… However, the truth is…? [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Kudou Yuusaku, Kudou Yukiko, Professor Agasa] {Edogawa Conan’s mother}

052-053-054-055: (With a pretty hilarious ending) [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Megure] {Murder of the iai swordsman}

056-057-058: Formation of The Detective Boys, introduction of the Detective Boys badges, which can be used to communicate with the other badges as a walkie-talkie and has a transmitter in it that can be tracked. [Appearance of the Detective Boys, Megure] {The missing body}

059-060-061: Introduction of Yokomizu Sango, (but I’m not sure we get his name right away…) a funky-haired Inspector who shows up sometimes but isn’t all that important…and has hardly, if any, deducting ability whatsoever. [Appearances of Ran, Kogorou, Yokomizu] {Case of the photographed alibi}

062-063-064-065-066-067: (I’d bold it except…it’s not crucial to plot, but…yeah. Read it.) [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Megure; Multi-murder mystery] {Tsukikage Island; the Moonlight Sonata murders}

068-069-070-071: Introduction of the fax machine lunchbox…which is exactly what it sounds like. A young woman claims to be Shinichi’s lover and tries to find him…but of course, that isn’t the truth…including many more important and amusing scenes with Shinichi and Ran [Appearance of Ran, Shin’ichi (kinda sorta, in voice and silhouette), Professor Agasa] {A case that you can’t take to the police}

072-073-074-075-076-077: [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Professor Agasa, Yokomizu] {Case of the Night Baron murders}

078-079-080: (Probably deserves italics) Introduction of Matsumoto Kiyonaga, the police superintendent that pops up once or twice. Pretty funny stuff involving Shin’ichi and his teacher; Conan uses Sonoko to solve the case [Appearances of Ran, Sonoko, Superintendent Matsumoto, Megure] {Case of the tragic bride}

081-082-083: Introduction of the jet engine skateboard, which is powered with solar energy. Detective Boys arc. Funny stuff…Ayumi likes Conan, but Mitsuhiko and Genta like her…and so, that’s how that goes. [Appearance of the Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, Ran and Sonoko at the end] {The dangerous game of hide-and-seek; or, why you Don’t hide in the trunk of a stranger’s car}

084-085-086: Some nice Mouri backstory, along with showing us that wow, he can actually figure out cases (mostly) on his own and that he has judo abilities [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou] {Kogorou’s class reunion}

087-088-089-090-091: [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Sonoko at the end; multi-murder case, locked in a villa for the night one also, and another Ran-nearly-dying case] {Murder of the arrogant heiress}

092-093-094-095-096: Introduction of Hattori Heiji, known as the Great Detective of the West (Osaka) while Shin’ichi’s of the East (Tokyo), a high schooler eerily parallel to Shin’ichi (and wait until you get to his best friend figure, too…and if you don’t like him in this chapter or he seems incompetent, trust me, he gets insanely cooler later on) Poor Conan, he gets this close to having his secret revealed so many times now. But…Shin’ichi comes back, with a real appearance! [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou, Heiji, Megure, Shin’ichi; closed room/impossible murder case] {The Great Detective of the West! Death of the diplomat}

096-097-098: The past case goes directly into this one. More hilarity involving Conan trying to turn back into Shin’ichi [Appearance of Ran and Shin’ichi in the beginning, appearance of the Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, Megure] {The hidden corpse in the library}

099-100-101: [Appearance of Ran, Kogorou] {Murder of the professor in the blizzard}

Next 100-150 chapters will come later, if you all are interested. XD Hm, maybe I should join a Detective Conan community.

On a side note, I...uh...signed up for another themes challenge. Uhm. This time, it's at iconfiend100, for the Gakuen Alice series. And I'm done with 5 now. Uhm. Yeah. I'm suicidal, I know. :D
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