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[Gakuen Alice] [Tsubasa/Misaki] Key to Flying #1-5

Title: Key to Flying
Pairing: Andou Tsubasa/Harada Misaki
Fandom: Gakuen Alice
Theme: [#1-5] 1. look over here; 2. news; letter; 3. jolt!; 4. our distance and that person; 5. "ano sa" ("hey, you know....")
Disclaimer: Gakuen Alice doesn't belong to me.
Summary: Done for 30_kisses over on lj. A guy hopelessly infatuated and a girl hopelessly oblivious. Or, thirty ways the poor boy loses out on getting a kiss. Somewhat. [Andou Tsubasa/Harada Misaki]

First post, fwa. Or something. I wonder how fast I can get these batches done.

And...so. Because Tsubasa and Misaki are definitely the old married couple of the series, and they deserve just as much love as the others. I don't think there's a single fic for them over in the GA section yet. Not that I've looked really hard, I guess.

( So have at it )

Erm...yeah. Meh. I honestly have no idea why, but I always get all nervous as hell before posting...too much pressure in this life that it's carrying over to the internet too, maybe. I'm a pretty nervous person...I tend to not show it unless I want to (which is when I jump around in front of my group and go "gahhhhhhhhhh" which is different). So yeah. Gah posting. Especially since most of the GA section is a scary, scary place...it makes me nervous.

Okay, so today was not a good day. But I'm working on this optimism thing.

So, I gotta write an editorial and two short stories within...well, the editorial by Friday, and the short stories in a week or two as well. I will be...dead. Frgh. End of year school newspaper stuff that's supposed to be profound? Don't get your hopes up. Our newspaper's still meh anyway, and if they heard they'd kill me. And the short stories. Argh. And...I have to edit all of the articles and all of the short stories. Within 3 weeks, probably.

They want me to die early, that's what. That's what. I'm not even the official editor. Well, okay, there isn't one and I'm the closest they've got, but...still. Still. And I've been feeling like I'm gonna fall asleep all day, which is never good.
Tags: fandoms:gakuen alice, fic:key to flying, pairings:tsubasa/misaki, stuff:fanfiction, themes:30_kisses, themes:themes challenges

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