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30 April 2006 @ 11:07 pm
[Samurai 7] [Katsushirou/Kirara] Spinning on the Edge #16-20  
Fandom: Samurai 7
Title: Spinning on the Edge
Author/Artist: DarkenedSakura
Theme(s): [#16-20] 16. Appropriate; Are you Sure? (~against temptation), 17. Eto...; Hmmmm... (~engulf by darkness), 18. Photograph (~lost you forever), 19. Cry; Sadness (~always...), 20. Violence; War (~marriage of death)
Pairing/Characters: Katsushirou/Kirara
Rating: K+/whatever
Disclaimer/claimer: S7 belongs to its creators. 16 is at that post ep 22/that event part in the timeline, somewhere. 20 is right before the end of the series, so take it as you will.
Summary: Thirty ways they broke each others' hearts. Thirty ways their romance was fated to be sad. [KatsushirouKirara]

...Did I expect to be this slow in posting? Nah. Things happen. Yeah. Yeeeeeeah. I mean, you know.

( I'm not in denial, I don't think. )

This is the last crosspost. Zomfg fic post. My review count keeps going down and down. It's dejecting. XDDDDD

I'm still not sure about changing my journal to this style, but yeah. And I guess that means I need to delete the writing/art/icons journal, since...that has no purpose anymore. Mrph...or maybe I can just change it to a community, so I can share it with several of you guys in posting fanworks. Mrph. Well, I could delete it and then remake it, just as a community...would anyone be interested? I know Dex was, but yeah. The more the merrier and all that. :D

And I know none of you are into S7, but...oh well. ^^;

Today was better than...the usual. I'll give it that. And I think I'm getting someone into doing themes...along the lines of 30_originals/30_memoirs. More later. Man, I'm on crack.

EDIT: I'm not being paranoid. I swear, China's censors are blocking my access to the NY Times. And I am pissed. Maybe the article title "The Great Chinese Fake-Out" has something to do with it? Man, it's always Maureen Dowd's articles that get blocked. This sucks.
our hopes and expectations: goodgood...except for the posting.
black holes and revelations: Ride on Technology - GitS SAC OST2
( let's conspire to ignite )
Pseudo-Artist: Adventlar_san on April 30th, 2006 10:48 pm (UTC)
*covers her eyes* I can't read the S7 fic until I've seen up to that part of the series (I think I'm on around episode 10)...but I'm definitely a Katsushirou/Kirara-shipper. :)

Speaking of censors, I was doing an art piece that was centered around the "invisible" people and stories from around the world that Americans tend to ignore (Darfur, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, etc.) and I couldn't find any pictures about the pitchfork rebellion in Guangdong province (other than 1 Time magazine article). I think perhaps Yahoo and Google are filtering any pictures that may be coming out of China about that issue. Any thoughts?

(waves hello to the Chinese sensors)
a regular decorated emergency.: aiming for tomorrowdarkenedsakura on May 1st, 2006 03:55 am (UTC)
Mwahahaha. Have you noticed the little...love triangle thing? If you have, then the first two chapters are probably okay. They're all these one shot things, so if there are any with spoilers, I'd say so at the top of each batch. :D

Google wouldn't filter anything coming out of China, I know that. Yahoo is a little bastard, so maybe. After all, they do turn over journalists to the government on a regular basis. Hmm...from what I remember, the only way that journalists could contact that village was via phone...no one was allowed in it or near it, somewhat. So that might be the main problem - no pictures in the first place. And I'd point you to the NY Times, except that those articles would all be in Archives now, sans pictures.

I can't search for anything while I'm here (XD), so...good luck with finding what you need. *stabs censors*
Pseudo-Artist: JinZenlar_san on May 1st, 2006 09:27 pm (UTC)
If there are no spoilers, then maybe I'll read them. I always feel bad when people post stuff on LJ and I haven't seen all (or any) of a specific series. I'm way behind the times on watching anime, it seems.

Well, I already finished up the art project about a week ago, I was just wondering if maybe you had heard anything about Google on your end. I know that Google in China filters out certain words (hot-button issues like Fulan Gong, Taiwan, etc.), but I wasn't sure if Google blocked those things in the U.S. Thanks for answering, though. I know Yahoo has been doing shady business over there; it's definitely been reported over here.

I was basically looking for non-copyrighted images, but I can't expect the farmers to have digital cameras or blogs. The only information in the U.S. about it has been in Time, the NY Times, and only a tiny bit of info on CNN (which is a part of Time-Warner).