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Expressing the fact that this is a partially locked journal.

Comment to be added. Tell me how you found me. Then I'll add you back. :]

What's not locked: (some) fandom talk, fanfiction, icons, art, most memes, and all that jazz are unlocked. What is locked: rants and emo about life, photos, voiceposts, etc.

I just happen to be one of those people who learned the hard way that not locking entries can be a very annoying thing, so. Please comment here or somewhere if you want to be added back, etc. As long as you don't mind my entries - they're all rambly rants, or emo, or fandom, or ahhhhh uni, or ahhhhhh journalism, etc.

Oh, also. I'm not as scary or intimidating as some people think. D: I love getting new friends, so don't be afraid to comment! XD

EDIT: oops, sorry. Everyone already on my friends list is added, no problems. XD;;;;
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Sam - :|

Permanent request and prompts post

Because life sucks and homework keeps piling up, I need distractions and other things to do. And Dex and I were talking about prompt and request posts and I'm going to make this one permanent.

In short: comment here with anything you'd like to see me (preferably) write (or draw; I don't have much time for that any more). Or icon, even, as long as you have the images, etc. Give me a name, a place, a prompt line a la themes communities, whatever, and I'll try to work with it as long as it's something I'm willing to do. (In other words, yami, none of your innuendo jokes.) Or give me ideas, anything to fuel my lazy taunting muses. Request as many times as you want. It's all good.

A warning: it might take me months to finish what you request. I'm stupid like that, so, uh. But I really will try. Just school and life and everything.

For fandoms I dabble in, check the list of anime/manga, TV, and games on the sidebar.

(As for the things I said I'd finish and things I promised people: yes, yes, I know. I'm sorry. They'll be done asap, too.)

(And oh, what am I getting myself into. It's all your fault, Dex. :P)
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Athrun/Cagalli - all that's left unsaid

[Psycho-Pass] [Kougami/Akane] quantum indeterminacy - 1/1

Title: quantum indeterminacy
Fandom: Psycho-Pass
Rating: PG13
Length: ~7,316 words, oneshot
Character/Pairing: Kougami/Akane, Masaoka, Kagari, Ginoza
Prompts: Written for 31_days, March 28, 2013: I represent to you all the sins you have never had the courage to commit.
Warnings: Set probably right after the end of 13. Somewhere. AU.
Summary: The question is just who's saving whom, here.

Magical AU-verse of relatively happy rainbows which Urobutcher can't enter, okay? Also yeah Akane's still a bit of a pre-ep11 wide-eyed rookie...but you know, 11 and 13 were - anyway, characterization marches onward. It's messy. Cough handwave. Apologies etc.

"Quantum indeterminacy", to borrow from wikipedia, is the "apparently necessary incompleteness in the description of a physical system." To put it another way, there are no singular, determinate truths or values, and the very attempt at measuring a value affects the result of your measurement. And a bunch of other stuff. Just...quantum mechanics suck and I should have picked a better title, the end.

{ AO3 | }
Akihiko - of all the wounds

[Persona 3] [Akihiko/Mitsuru] the perfection of a curved smile - 1/1

I don't really use lj any more. You can find this at AO3 or

Title: the perfection of a curved smile
Fandom: Persona 3 (P3P)
Rating: PG13
Length: ~9,579 words, oneshot
Character/Pairing: Akihiko/Mitsuru, some Shinjiro/Minako, a kind of Akihiko/Minako and everything else in between.
Prompts: Written for 31_days, March 18, 2013: something was dead in each of us.
Warnings: Post-game, spoilers.
Summary: A happy ending without the ever after.

I love the Star and Moon s.links for the FeMC in P3P. Thing is...Shinjiro and Minako are OTP-level for me, along with Akihiko and Mitsuru, but honestly Akihiko's with the FeMC doesn't sound right as the friendship route. Kind of like how even if you don't go lovers route with Ken, it's obvious the kid still likes you.'s freakin' Aki. Also, I thrive on tragedy and my head's a mess.

Then I started typing. Never a good sign. I am so sorry. Also it should be in three parts, but I didn't feel like using three chapters because...I'm a loser, I dunno. Anyway.

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Mitsuru - winter feelings

yey art happy valentine's day

breaking through the red thread
by ~DarkenedSakura on deviantART

Aka, when your drawing ends up like rainbow vomit, whoops.

Red thread symbolism - Asian legend where two people destined to be together are connected by a red string, usually attached at the pinky. A concept sometimes used by writers as an utter cop-out to writing a plausible romance into the script.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe in fate. So, Happy Valentine’s Day - and if you’re being strangled by the red string, here’s wishing you what it takes to break free! (No, I’m not particularly romantic, why do you ask?)

(and yeah, probably not an ideal gift for V-Day, but you work with what you are, lol.)

Also fun fact - technically I think many schools in Japan ban the kids from bringing sweets (year-round, in middle school), but it's more or less allowed on this day. Got some sweets from some of the female students myself, haha. Oh, these kids.

(also back to being petrified about tomorrow's ep. I call it that Makishima's going to die or otherwise be put out of the picture, though. That or he'll become the scariest antagonist ever in the history of ever. So I'd prefer death.)
Haine - smirk

holiday card

Drew this for the office. Now I have to be careful that they don't think I can do everything and am some kind of super person. Shit, didn't think this through.

Anyway, Happy Holidays etc etc.

Holidays 2012
by ~DarkenedSakura on deviantART

...Also, also, also also also. Also. Psycho-Pass ep 11. THAT WAS. Urobutcher doing what he does, I guess 'cause even if I saw it coming a mile away asldkgjlkdjgggggg

Also also also Virtue's Last Reward. If you played 999, you really should pick this one up, 'cause it's -better-. Also:

Me: I think I have a new OTP. Their names even go together.
Other friend watching Psycho-Pass: But I thought it was Kou/Akane? And their names go together better than those two?
Me: Sigma/Phi.
Friend: lol.
Me: Besides, I have to wait a whole week for more Psycho-Pass.

Sad story. Also, is anyone considering another blogging platform, because I'm already in the process of setting up a tumblr and considering other options. I wouldn't shutter this one necessarily, but it's just time to move the primary blog elsewhere.
Yuuki - up those spiraled stairs

[original] abscission - 1/1

Title: abscission
Fandom: original
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~10,969 words, oneshot
Prompts: 31_days, September 21, 2012: the sky's as blue as a gunshot wound.
Summary: And it occurs to her that she may be going mad, if she's conjured up this sort of imaginary friend.

In which I replay those moments that many of you know over and over again, until it's like a broken record that breaks. With some candy-coated crazy sprinkled in. It didn't end up as schizophrenic as I'd thought it'd be...maybe more editing time was needed, I dunno, since I pounded this out in like...yeah, eight days.

Okay, yeah, I'll just be...editing this constantly over the next few days thanks yeah.

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Shinjiro/Minako - the yellow motif

[Persona 3] [Shinjiro/Minako] the physics of sacrifice - 1/1

Oh my god it has been a while. Hi. I think I've rusted over threefold. Also addicted to P3 for maybe the fifth time, so...yes, this.

Also, is it worth it to get an ao3? Opinions, I want to hear them. =o

Title: the physics of sacrifice
Fandom: Persona 3 (P3P)
Rating: PG13
Length: ~9,550 words, oneshot
Character/Pairing: Shinjiro/Minako, Akihiko, et al
Prompts: Written for 31_days, September 12, 2012: sever my last remaining breath.
Warnings: Spoilers for the entire game, of course.
Summary: Like a dead and dying moth still attracted to a bright and burning flame.

Haha, so during some of Shinjiro’s, I had a few “…wait, really? You really just said that?” moments (much like I did with Akihiko…sigh, game, why can’t they be perfect with no awkward lines), and I was waffling on his personality for a while. But then my brain went, “Hey, no, we can totally work with that.”

This is typically a bad sign. Along with needing like a year and a half or so to finish this. Chose a 31_days theme to force myself to finally post it. I mean, seriously.

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Yuuki - up those spiraled stairs

"There is a tendency, I think, to assume that people are depressed because they are sad."

I think this has everything to say on the subject that I never did, never could. (Also, the editorial that was linked to within.)

It's a dark, overwhelming place sometimes. And a lot of us suffer alone because we are ashamed. We feel stupid. How can a person be incapable of having fun? Any moron knows how to have a good time.

It's almost impossible to talk about it to regular people (bosses, spouses, friends). They can't fathom how somebody in good physical health, with a good job, with kids who love them, who seems relatively normal on the outside, can be terminally unhappy.

And when you try to explain it, you come off sounding so pathetic, so weak and whiney, even to yourself — it's just easier, though infinitely more harmful, to suffer in silence.


With depression, there are no bright colors. A good day is a light gray or a muted blue. Most days are just gray. A bad day is pitch black.

So no, don't just say, "You're choosing to be unhappy." Don't say, "Just smile." Don't say, "Suck it up, what could you possibly be unhappy about." If that's on the tip of your tongue, then just - don't say anything at all.
Rinslet - never the best of you

L.A. lights never shined quite as bright as in the movies / still wanna go?

(Side note: If I thought the Castle season finale was lsdkgjlaksjdglkjdg!!!, then The Mentalist' that x100. No joke. Holy fuck.)

Now in China. (Yeah, I've globehopped 4 continents in the past week. Kill me now. At least I've adjusted on the first day every single time. O_o; ) Happy to take a break from the world. Oh my god I have a real drum set again you do not understand. Trying to play Revolutionary (an etude with ridiculously fast notes by Chopin) on piano and...ahaha? And playing way too much of an mmo.

Yanked a fic meme from renaliner: Go to your desktop. Find all the documents you've been working on, and post a snippet to your livejournal!

...ahahaha so there are totally more fics than these, but uh...yeah. Uh.

Untitled fiction project - A metropolis in a crapsack world where everyone has familiars called Mists, a Mist assassin's perhaps on the prowl, and things may or may not explode. See tag here.

the dangers of normative behavior – Fairy Tail – Gray/Lucy – Wherein Lluvia stalks, Gray hides out at Lucy’s place, and Lucy is understandably not happy about it. …understandably, right?

Posted already somewhere over here.

Untitled – Persona 3 Portable – Shinjiro/Minako – Like a dead and dying moth still attracted to a bright and burning flame.

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Untitled – Persona 3 Portable – Akihiko/Mitsuru, Akihiko/Minako, post-game – A happy ending without the ever after.

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Untitled multipart – The World Ends With You – Neku/Shiki, Joshua, post-game – Wherein Neku knows nothing about the realities of the game and Joshua’s a jerk who's possibly using him again. Wait, what else is new?

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the yellow sundress hypothesis – Black Cat – Train/Rinslet, mangaverse – In which Train actively pursues various members of the female population. And then the world explodes. Crackity crack crack crack.

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Untitled multipart – Harvest Moon: SI/IoH – Vaughn/Chelsea – A story about a standoffish loner and a social Stepford smiler, without the soap opera b-plots and clichés. (And without the use of the word ‘orbs’ for ‘eyes’. I win.)

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Untitled - Ever17 - the obvious pairing (and massive post-game spoilers just by naming it) - The hardest part of being virtually immortal: when your children aren't.

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